per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence
         per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence    


“Imma accompanied us for the birth of our second baby. It was a wonderful experience and we are so happy we made the choice to work with her and to birth at home. For me Imma has the perfect balance of being loving, strong and professional. She helped me feel prepared, she gave us all the information we needed before and after the birth. She was always available to answer our questions. During the birth she helped me feel confident and strong, I felt very safe and cared for during the whole process. I would definitely recommend working with Imma if you are considering a home birth.”


Jennifer Rose Ament

Mother of Riel and

Noah, born on 24/10/2020




“The accompaniment of a midwife and, specifically, Imma, during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum is a luxury that every woman about to be a mother, and every man about to be a father, should always be able to afford and wish to enjoy: access to all the most up-to-date information, non-invasive resources, respect, closeness, affection, home visits almost monthly during pregnancy and every two or three days during the puerperium ... guidance, respect and resolvability during childbirth , the closest accompaniment during the start of breastfeeding and a new stage as a family ... the possibility that with these conditions things would go well in one of the most important moments of my life and my health were immense and so it was. But above all it was very important the calmness and confidence with which I lived the whole process. I will always be immensely grateful that Imma and her professionalism exist, they are and will be deeply important to many people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Mirabai Gayà Martínez i

Oriol Badia Realp

Parents of Neva born on 08/10/2020




“Imma was extremely knowledgeable and taught me a lot, even if this was my 4th pregnancy. She is very supportive and compassionate, and knows when to speak up and when to be quiet. Her respectful approach made the pregnancy and birth experience beyond special and very intimate. I have had a few births, but by far, the one with Imma has been the best and most special.”


Lisa Maritz

Mother of Ariella, Zoey, Benyahmin Ethan

And Cayo Guillaume born on 10/09/2020




“An excellent professional treatment and a great person. Thank you Imma for making it possible, thank you for my delivery. Candela came into the world at home, with her loved ones and surrounded by the utmost respect and love. "


Mària Allas Ojeda and Jordi García García

Parents of Mateo

and Candela, born on 25/08/2020




"Although the decision was difficult to make as it was the first child and we did not know many people close to us with the experience of giving birth at home, finally it was a good idea. Imma offered us at every moment what we needed: during the last weeks of pregnancy calmness, rigor of information for the waiting moments and doubts; during childbirth, total surrender, temperance, encouragement, sweet words, about how I was living it and options to choose at every moment when I asked for them; the first weeks with Mia at home a lot of confidence, close contact and availability by phone. It has been a lighthouse when facing uncertainty and constant change.


Having a midwife has meant making an investment in feeling cared for, informed, and empowered in the arrival of our daughter. We were amazed at Imma's dedication and we can do nothing but being thankful for having professionals like her to accompany these important moments in our lives. "


Miriam López Martínez

Mia’s mother, born on 24/06/2020


“We decided at almost 36 weeks of pregnancy that we finally wanted to give birth at home, but if I went back, I would do it from week 1. The role of Imma Sàrries has been fundamental in order to be able to assess that our decision was one of the most right in our life. Mia was born at 41 weeks and two days on a special day, St. John’s night, between fireworks and screams. It was a long birth (32 hours of continuous contractions) and almost three hours of birth. It was a bit difficult for Mia to come down (she looked like a yo-yo), but even so, Imma was optimistic and very professional at all times, coming up with ideas to make it easier. Finally, with the least expected position, Miriam pushed with all the strength in the world, which only an empowered woman is capable of having, and Mia was born in a more than perfect state, and much more beautiful that I would have ever imagined. There were hard times, moments of tension and a lot of fatigue, but it was well worth it to bring our daughter into the world in the most harmonious and natural way possible. I would definitely repeat.


Thank you so much Imma for helping us to bring Mia into the world, it has been a huge pleasure to be able to count on you and your great experience. Your treatment and professionalism could not have been better. I will always carry you in my memory and who knows if in the future we will see each other again at a birth, or just around the neighborhood. A very strong hug. I encourage everyone who has decided to give birth at home to trust Imma as your midwife. "


Pau Fabregat Hernando

Mia's father, born on 24/06//2020




"Giving birth at home with Imma Sàrries is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. And although she would say no, I know I was able to give birth as I did thanks to her, being the birth of Roger a great gift and a wonderful experience. Her accompaniment during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum have meant a real personal growth that has empowered me as a woman and mother, offering me information, security, wisdom and the strength necessary to live this brutal journey with great enthusiasm and joy. One of the moments I remember most about the birth is when she came home, it was as if an angel had come in, dressed in white, whispering and talking to me with love and respect like no health professional had ever spoken to me. I felt so well accompanied all the time ... telling me what I needed to hear at all times, giving me the calm, strength and necessary confidence, with incredible humanity and professionalism. Absolut attention and dedication from the first day until the day she discharged us. In conclusion, giving birth with Imma is guarantee of extreme professionalism, dedication, humanity and security. And for all this I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart, to get to know her has been the best thing that has happened to us. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!"


Maria Aragon Castle

Roger’s mother, born on 14/06/2020


"Vast knowledge, long experience, wisdom, love, respect, support and commitment could be the words to define Imma and her work. Finding Imma was like having a hospital at home. Her work was impeccable at all times and we always had the absolute conviction that we were in the best hands. In addition, with her deep wisdom and human quality we felt accompanied and sustained at the same time as responsible and autonomous in our decisions. During pregnancy we had the best information, during the labour and birth Imma knew how to read Maria's physical and emotional needs guiding her so that she could do it for herself and I, as her partner, felt fully integrated being co-protagonist in bringing our first child into the world. And in the postpartum we were able to enjoy the privilege of having a personalized and constant accompaniment of all our doubts until the end. I am deeply grateful to Imma for the support and for all the things I learned beyond Roger’s birth.


Òscar Xavier Galindo Castella

Roger’s father, born on 14/06/2020




"After having a first natural birth in the hospital, where I found that in a medical setting, natural childbirth is not the norm but the exception, it was clear to me that next time I would like to give birth at home. It seemed to me the best way to ensure  the process was not being interrupted and everything could flow properly. I didn’t want to feel again that, if all had gone well it was by pure luck or by chance. And I wasn't wrong. It was an unforgettable, fantastic and totally empowering experience. It was a privilege to be able to receive little Arnau accompanied by my husband and my eldest daughter, in the warmth and comforts of our home, and with the invaluable support and wisdom of Imma. Imma made us feel safe and in good hands at all times, calm, she gave me a lot of confidence and I felt cared for. My eldest daughter (6 years old) says that when she will be a mother she also wants to give birth with her! I feel very fortunate to have been able to live this magical experience so well accompanied and supported by those who love me. Imma, if this has been like this, it's definitely thanks to you !!! ”


Gemma Ibañez Marí

Mother of Aina

and Arnau, born on 24/05/2020




“The first time we met Imma was a crush, it was in 2012 for the birth of our first son Kai. There was no doubt, she must be our midwife. And when we met again in 2020 for the birth of Inar we felt the same again, she must be the one to accompany us. We were looking for professionalism, clarity, transparency, trust and respect. And we found all this in her accompaniment. What I would like to highlight the most during the delivery, and was of vital importance to me,was her absolute presence, her ability to stay on the sidelines and give us the leading role, not to interfere, respecting and trusting fully the natural process. I think it is the most difficult thing: to be present without questioning or interfering. At no time have I felt questioned or manipulated, but guided and accompanied.

Thank you from the heart Imma. We will always be grateful to you. ”


Carol Vidal Lopez and Víctor Mateos Díaz

parents of Kai

and Inar, born on 22/05/2020




“When I met Imma, I knew right away that she had to be the person to accompany me during the delivery. And later it was confirmed that I could not have had a better midwife, because of her experience, her professionalism, the rigor with which she works, the support at all levels that she gave me before, during and after delivery. Imma prepared me very well for the delivery during the visits we had before, so I arrived at the delivery very calm and excited. During the delivery I felt cared for, accompanied, respected to the maximum. Thanks to this, I had an unforgettable and empowering experience. I did not suffer any tears, thanks to the advice she gave me, nor were there any complications, not even in the placenta. At no time did I feel fear or doubt, Imma had everything under control. Her support during the postpartum period was essential. She was attentive and available at all times and did not discharge me until she was sure that both me and my little girl were perfectly fine. If I had another child, I would not hesitate to count on her again”.


Helena Molina Lopez

Mother of Noa, born 05/05/2020


“We couldn't have chosen a better midwife for the birth of our daughter. She prepared us both very well for delivery, involving me as well. And during delivery and postpartum, she was available at all times and attentive to the well-being of my wife and baby, in a very respectful way. It gave us a lot of tranquillity and confidence”.


Francisco Gutierrez Gonzalez

Noa's father, born 05/05/2020




"From the first moment we knew that I was pregnant we contacted Imma who has accompanied us throughout the process, and it has been a real privilege to have her knowledge, her presence and her love during these months. Having Imma close by has given us all the information we needed, has given us strength and confidence, especially when childbirth was approaching and we were living in a situation we would never have imagined; Uriel would arrive in full lock down, and everything was a bit scary .. saturated with contradictory information, with canceled follow-up visits at the health center, changed protocols at the hospital ... in the middle of all the noise, Imma brings us calm, serenity, presence and a lot of confidence unil THE DAY arrives. We are infinitely grateful for how Imma supported me during childbirth, how she cared for us and how she believed in us. Her look, her voice, her words ... gave me the strength to continue when I could no longer keep going. Uriel decided to be born in a posterior position and broke my patterns ... it was not as I imagined but the presence of Imma, her ability to be present when all the pressure of the moment was on her, and her confidence, it helped me get through to the end and live a beautiful birth - despite the tension we experienced-. We can NEVER thank her enough. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


Helena Todó Vergés and Jordi Pascual

parents of Uriel, born on 22/04/2020




"Imma was the midwife we chose to accompany us to the home birth of our daughter, Zoe. We are very happy to have chosen her because she always proved to be an excellent professional. You can see she has a lot of all the experience and this makes you always feel that everything will be fine, that home birth is the best decision you have made and that she is the best professional there was to accompany you. We only have words of gratitude for her and we are already recommending her to other couples who want to have a fully respected, beautiful and empowering home birth. ”


Núria Roura Pelegrina

Mother of Zoe, born on 12/04/2020




"When we first met Imma, we knew that if we decided to have a home birth, it would be with her, we didn't need to see or meet anyone else. Finally, we decided that yes, we would give birth at home. Throughout my pregnancy, she conveyed to me calmness, confidence, respect for my decisions and a lot of confidence in her professionalism. The last few weeks of pregnancy I felt especially anxious at times (my blood pressure was at the limit of being able to give birth at home, and the days went by and the birth didn’t come); once again I was very grateful for her support, her trust in me and my son, her professionalism, respect and also the touch of humor that she put into the whole situation, which helped me a lot.

And when it came the time to give birth I felt accompanied again with respect, confidence, calm and professionalism. It was a birth that empowered me a lot.

And finally, the accompaniment arrived during the postpartum period in which her presence gave me confidence, security, respect and professionalism. “


Estela Maldonado Guerrero

Mother of Pau

and Aniol, born on 09/04/2020




"From the first moment I met Imma, it was clear to me that she would be my midwife. A powerful woman, with clear ideas and an exceptional professional profile; without leaving behind the human and close aproach she has. The journey to my first maternity with her has been very enriching. Always available to provide answers, calm, cheer or hugs at all times.

Experience the birth at home has been wild and empowering, while at the same time, with the peace of mind given by the company of my partner and Imma. Letting nature flow was my main task; if anything went shift she was there to control everything.

It is worth mentioning the unmatched help of having a midwife like her during the postpartum period, when everything often overflows, she has given as a light to follow in the beginning of this wonderful journey with my daughter and me partner.”


Laura Ramon Sala

Mother of Dàlia, born on 29/02/2020



"I only have positive feelings and appreciation for my partner Laura for wishing a home birth for the birth of our daughter Dàlia, and thus be able to enter a wonderful life world strongly empowering. An unforgettable experience lived from love and the constant expectation of what was totally unknown to me. I am also thankful to her for choosing Imma as our midwife and birth attendant. With Imma I have found an excellent professional, scientific, rigorous, human and with an unusual dose of empathy; a person close to whom I have learned a lot during all these months of professional relationship. Great experience. ”


Xavi Torras Gracia

Father of Dàlia, born on 29/02/2020




"From the moment we first met Imma it was clear to me that I wanted to have her support. The best decision we could have made to accompany pregnancy, labour and postpartum. All the information received during the pregnancy clearly made us discuss and choose from all the options available in every possible way. We doubted until the last moment whether to do only dilation or delivery at home, Imma was totally flexible in this regard. Finally an emergency made us move to the hospital, with her fast acting and the serenity of her accompaniment those moments were a little less harsh. In the postpartum, having Imma was great, being able to resolve doubts and have the peace of mind of her follow up until she saw that everything was going well. Thank you Imma for your work and for the passion with which you carry it out. "


Sílvia Ollé and Àlex Roselló

parents of Magí and

Guillem, born on 16/12/2019




“Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this birth is the road. I was fortunate to attend a natural childbirth training with Néixer a Casa, which opened my mind about my expectations and what I could expect from a hospital birth. After several appointments at the private clinic I decided that the only way to have a chance for a respectful birth would be in my house, well accompanied.

I remember every moment, from the first contractions at 5pm until I received my son with my hands at 10pm. It was a magical moment that I have told family and friends a thousand times. I want everyone to know that we have within us a unique energy which makes us capable of giving birth. I wish everyone to prepare that special day to accompany their baby in this transition, in the best conditions.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet Imma through a recommendation. Imma is an extremely professional midwife, attentive and passionate about her work. I especially appreciated the attention given to my husband so that he felt as comfortable as I did with a home birth. I am proud to have believed in myself and to have been able to give birth to little Leo in the sweetness and tranquility of my house. Thank you very much Imma! ”


Corentine Rivoire

Mother of Leo, born 17/11/19




“Imma is a midwife who conveys a demonstrated security in her performance. She is very professional and experienced, clear, didactic, and at the same time empathic. We feel very fortunate to have had her by our side. We experienced an obstetic emergency and we felt we were in good hands at all times. ”


Birgit Hartmann

Mother of Max, Ada

and Lorenzo, born on 15/11/19




"We contacted Imma so she could be with us at home during labour, to then go to the hospital for the delivery of our first daughter Jana.

At the first contact, my partner and I left with the feeling that we couldn't go on without receiving this care. We had not looked at other options, we had been guided by the recommendation of a friend. The doubt was more an economic one. It seems that receiving this accompaniment is a luxury, and it should not be. Once I have experienced birth and postpartum, I can say that more than a luxury it has been an investment, an investment that has made my delivery a very positive experience. One of the things that caught my attention from my friend's experience was that she said she would like to have more births. I have that feeling too. To give birth, but especially to give birth in this way, has marked a turning point in my life, not only because of having a daughter but also because of the experience itself. What stands out from Imma’s accompaniment is, above all, her professionalism: how thorough she is, and the passion for her work. "


Montserrat Damont Martine

Mother of Jana, born on 09/11/2019




“Imma is a wonderful professional. At all times I have felt accompanied and respected.

After a first experience of hospitalized and intervened birth with my first child, this second birth with Imma, at home, has been a fantastic experience; in a way even repairing.

Really a unique, exciting and very satisfying experience. On a personal level it has been a process of empowerment. ”


Rita Mayans Casinos

Mother of Bru

and Aran, born 25/10/2019




"As they had been warning me throughout the pregnancy, Guiu would be born when, where and as he wanted, and after preparing a thousand stories for the day of childbirth and especially waiting for the childbirth, at the end Guiu decided to be born when he wanted, quickly and safely, almost without giving us time to think that the time had come. During the final stretch of pregnancy, I had in my head that all ghosts would appear on the day of delivery, and the fear would take hold of the moment, but the truth is that it was not like that at all. I had made up the idea that I would deliver at home, that it would be short and that I would do it alone, and I felt really capable and willing to do it, finally it was not like that and when Imma arrived I felt, partly relieved and calm and I gave everything to the process. Thanks to her guidance, the birth was calm, relaxed and respectful, and Guiu landed on earthy life in its small aqueous environment. From the moment I met her I knew she would be present at the birth and it was the best decision we could have made.

Thank you for joining the history of our little big family. "


Thaís Marcer Carabí

Mother of Biel

and Guiu, born 12/09/2019



"I felt very much accompanied throughout the process and I felt my partner was very well accompanied.  It has given me a lot of security and tranquility to know that we were in your hands."


Joan Gimenez-Coral Figuerola

Father of Guiu, born 12/09/2019




“I met Imma for the first time at a talk she gave in Mataró when I was 4,5 months pregnant. At that point I had no idea on what I wanted for the birth of my first baby. Being a foreigner in a foreign sanitary system, expecting my first child, I felt vulnerable and lost. This talk planted a seed that kept on growing for the next few months and finally I dared to admit to myself that the only way to have control over how my baby was going to be born, was to have her at home. But I think in the end it wasn’t only about giving birth at home, it was about giving birth with a person I felt complete trust in since the first time I met her. I think, somehow, getting to know Imma opened my eyes on what birth could be. What she made me understand is that it wasn’t an experience I should look forward to with anxiety, but something that could make me feel powerful, fearless. That I was in charge of how I wanted to bring my baby to this world. Imma gave me the keys to understand that giving birth is messy and unpredictable but also beautiful, intimate and fragile on a level I could have never imagined. Some people come to your life, when you need them. Imma was the best person for me to prepare for the birth of my daughter and to be there to guide me through when she was born. Her professionalism and passion showed me that midwifery at its best is an art. Me, my husband and Aune couldn’t have been in better hands. Words cannot express how much love and gratitude I feel for the path we took together.”


Lotta Paavilainen

Mother of Aune, born 21/08/2019




"We have been very fortunate to be able to receive the small one at home. Meeting Imma has been an immense opportunity to learn and connect with father and motherhood and empower ourselves to be able to give birth as a way of (re) cognizing ourselves in a more animal, mammalian way, which otherwise the "health system" would have made us a bit more difficult. We ended up deciding for a home birth passed the equator of pregnancy, but with Imma at all times we felt supported in any decision we made, helping us to question the way things are and helping us to find answers based always on the best scientific evidence and her characteristic professionalism. When the little girl seemed to be wishing to arrive, we had 3 pre-labour days, in which Imma did not leave us at any time, always available by message or call at any time of the day, including coming home at 2:00am to reassure us and make sure that we were all well. Throughout the birth she was very respectful with us, with the girl, it was like having someone from our family accompanying us during this very special time for all of us. We just have thankful words for having had this experience and we would repeat without any doubt. Thanks Imma! "


Paula Bernabeu i Martínez

Mother of Àneu, born on 12/06/2019




“For me, being accompanied by Imma has been an opportunity. Opportunity to work many personal aspects. From feeling able as a woman, to convince myself that a revolution and change can also be exercised with such private and transcendental acts as living my own pregnancy and birthing my child.

The way has had moments of doubt and fear, greatly enhanced by going against the health system established as normal, healthy and safe (what an irony!), But I have always felt free to be able to communicate it during my visits with Imma. This fact has been especially relevant to feel calm when it came to express myself and to make decisions. Today I cannot be more proud of the process built and of her being my companion. She is a direct, clear person, who transmits confidence and security, who gives you the information and the power of decision without questioning or judging. And that, too, has been a learning process of conscious responsibility in decision making. To which we are very little used in this society.

Thanks to the work she does every day because she, as well as the midwives that I have had the pleasure to meet, is doing militancy and revolution so that the woman takes the role that belongs to her during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Thank you very much for the accompaniment Imma, a pleasure. I would repeat it a thousand times with my eyes closed. Thank you for the presence and professionalism. "


Judit Perea Alba

Mother of Far, born 11/06/2019.



"In the first moment that we were with Imma, what I felt was the tranquillity that she transmitted to my partner, Judit, Far’s mother. Imma always says that Judit’s trip comes from farther away, but in any case I realised very clearly at that moment. After that first conversation Judit was another person. She began to believe in herself, began to become aware and connected with herself. Judit’s work was supported by Imma's day-to-day life.

Imma is a close, warm, accessible person, who knows how to transmit knowledge and gives you the information so that you can take your own decisions consciously. She talks about everything, from all the necessary points of view and without any prejudice. She is direct, transparent and without being sweetened. When a hug is necessary, she is there, but she is also there when a jolt is needed.

During childbirth, I was amazed... always present and connected, as if floating at home. Always one step ahead of the situation, with serene face, radiating tranquillity. Her presence allowed me to enjoy one of the most special days with tranquillity and security.

Very happy to have enjoyed your company, your experience and your knowledge. A pleasure !! "


Misael Fusté Espargaro

Father of Far, born 11/06/2019




"I come from a first induced labour and with obstetric violence. The feeling that my birth had been stolen and my daughter had been taken out before she was ready affected me emotionally and physically day by day. I could not help thinking constantly that I would have liked to live my labour in fullness, from its beginning to its end. I felt that I had to heal many wounds. I wrote my testimony anonymously in a group and Imma's affectionate response made me ask myself what I wanted in my next delivery. I wanted, among other things, to feel cared for and respected. I decided to meet her, I felt that she could take care of me and accompany me as I needed. That day, we had no doubts, we decided that she would accompany us during pregnancy and childbirth. I had a hunch that she would know how to give me peace of mind, confidence and that she would be able to accompany me. During pregnancy, every day I was happier to have her. If I doubted something, she calmed me down and gave me confidence. She explained everything very clearly and in a loving way. The delivery day arrived and she knew how to accompany me. She knew how to be there supporting me and giving me encouragement at all times. Giving me love and taking care of me. I felt safe and happy. It was magical. Being the owner of my birth, of my body and being connected to my baby at all times, has been an experience that I will never forget and allowed me to heal my previous birth. She was very careful and professional at all times. During the postpartum period, she continued to take care of me and thanks to her recommendations, I had a very good postpartum. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to you. Thanks for everything Imma, you will always be part of our history. "


Paula Villacorta Galindo

Mother of Sofia

and Pablo, born 10/04/2019



“In Imma I have discovered a midwife who starts with the person, not the profession. She transforms her functions and tasks in humanity, in closeness and in providing the couple, and especially the mother, with undoubted tranquility and security. The closeness and help to enjoy the whole process of pregnancy and dream of respected, human, emotional birth, was very beautiful. And at no time did the image of a perfect delivery avoid talking about all possible scenarios. It was also there where we discovered an expert Imma, reassuring, who showed us all the possible scenarios (the good ones and the less good ones) that could happen on the day of the birth. I do not want to extend my testimony much, but I must say that in our case, both pregnancy and childbirth were magical, human to infinity, and charged with emotions. Everything went better than dreamed and I will never forget the moment when Paula, my wife, received our son Pablo with her own arms. The tears which came up on both of us in that moment are the ones that I will always remember when I think of Imma to tell her again and again, THANK YOU. Thank you for healing the emotional wounds we had, thank you for making look easy what we saw as a mountain, and show us that believing is power. And that woman is strong, much more than traditional hospitals can make us believe, and the body is wise and is programmed to give birth. Thank you for so many teachings and so much love.”


Damian Balaguer

Father of Sofia

and Pablo, born 10/04/2019




"I open my eyes a little, I look for Imma ... I only see her eyes ... but they are not her eyes. I see them green and very large and bright. They connect me to Egypt, I do not know why, I feel her from there, I feel magic, power, I feel her sorceress, witch crafter, wizard, from another world or plan of the universe. I know it is her but I also know that she is transforming herself with me, what a powerful feeling,, I do not want to forget that image, and luckily I don’t ....

Imma, you do not know, but you are more than my midwife, you are a ninja, a guardian ninja of love and life, you are my person for such important things. I will love you forever. I will always think of you and remember you, and we will have contact forever, I do not conceive it otherwise"


Sara Vendrell Santacana

Mother of  Lira, born 28/03//2019




"Thank you very much Imma to accompany us in this incredible experience. Thank you for giving me all the emotional, physical, scientific, logistical support I needed to feel even more empowered when faced with this wonderful experience of a home birth. I cannot imagine having it done any other way or with the support of any other person.

The words are short to describe my satisfaction with the help and the dedication that you have given us.

Apart from what other mothers have already said about your professionalism and the rigor and seriousness you had giving us information about the entire process, I am very grateful to have been able to find out about your work  as it has inspired me a lot. It seems to me the most beautiful job in the world. Watching your passion and dedication in such a delicate and important task is a great inspiration.

After sharing all these months, especially the childbirth and postpartum experiences, we feel you are forever part of our family!

Thank you from the heart, Imma"


Júlia Soler Grañen

Mother of Salvador, born 20.02.2019


"With Imma I felt confident from the first minute. I felt empowered throughout the process: before, during and after the birth.

As a father, she has made me feel involved in the experience in a very natural way.

Imma is a very transparent person and works very honestly which helps to transmit a lot of confidence and security. To describe her, the word integrity comes to my mind; integrity as a person and as a professional.

In such an important event of our life, I cannot think of another purer and more natural way to face the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Imma is a humble guide in this important process.

Thank you!"


Léo Martin

Father of Salvador, born 20.02.2019




"I birthed twice with Imma... and I would continue to give birth with her if I had the opportunity to do so. In fact I chose to give birth with her before choosing to give birth at home. When I met her, the place became a secondary affair, but her accompaniment was paramount. I will always be grateful for her great professionalism, her availability, her delicacy, her openness and hugs, which are warm and tender like those of a mother."


Lucie Quéméner

Mother of  Aloma, Azilis

and Celeste, born 05/02/2019




"I feel fortunate in life for having come crossed Imma as midwife. Thanks to her, to my partner and to my conviction, I have been able to realize one of the dreams of my life!

After having our first daughter by Caesarean section, I was emotionally touched by what I had supposed to be unable to birth her. There will be people who will not understand me, that will relativize my pain and will focus on the two of us being well, but I was not well. I felt that I had betrayed myself and that my mammal had been deeply hurt. This caused the arrival of a second daughter to be much meditated and I needed to wait until I really wanted another child, and not only, to have another birth (accepting I was aware that the story could repeat itself). When I knew I was pregnant for the second time, my search for someone professional to accompany me throughout the process was very fast. I knew about Imma through a web supporting mothers with previous C-sections, and I, as with our first daughter, was clear that I wanted to try a home birth. I needed to find someone who would give me confidence and who trusted me too. Well, depending on which environments, having a C-section seemed to be condemned to repeat the situation. So, after a call and a meeting with her, I felt that I had already found her, the person whom I wanted to accompany me on this beautiful road. Imma has been a sunshine. A lighthouse that accompanied us and guided with great professionalism. At all times, I/we felt that we were empowered and accompanied with respect, sensibility and with scientific rigor. So, when I was a month pregnant, I decided that Imma would be our midwife. What a great professional and what a better person! It was a very good election!

I lived a precious, intense birth and at some point, long. I felt it was getting long (three days), but in reality, now I think it was not long, it was just what my body needed. And with Imma it could be like that! No hurries, no pressure, respecting my body and our daughter, feeling listened to, cared for and pampered at all times, feeling secure and with almost exquisite professional support and attention. I experienced it with tranquillity and trust. Imma and my partner created the perfect climate and tandem to accompany me on this path, which I will never forget, a gem that I will always keep in my heart. I can never thank enough what this accompaniment and birth meant to me, because I am sure that in a hospital, for several reasons based on the speech of fear, they would not have allowed me to give birth. Thanks, thank you and thousand times thank you so much for trusting me and our little Iona. Thanks."


Laura Santamaria Arjona

Mother of Asia and

Iona, born on 27/01/19


"As Laura’s partner, I had the feeling that everything was easy, and I think that this is due to Imma’s timing and professionalism. Both in the visits to her place in Barcelona, and the visits at our place, before, during and after birth, she created a very beautiful climate, with laughter, herbal teas and talks.

During childbirth, my role was to take care and help the women of the house. I must say that Imma changes a bit during childbirth, she turns silently direct, performs actions in a very natural but at the same time very thought and practiced way, you feel that she has had many births in her hands, and this, as a couple, gives a lot of tranquility.

I do not know what else to say, I'm just very happy about how everything has gone, and that my partner has been able to realize a dream of life.

Thanks for everything Imma !!!! "


Pepe Gàmez Solvas

Father of Asia

and  Iona, born  27/01/19




“We've just had the pleasure of having Imma deliver our precious daughter. I can honestly say she is amazing and would recommend her 1000 times over. We are currently residing in Spain, but originally from Cape Town, South Africa. God led us to Imma, who speaks English and was willing to travel to our home (an hour drive from her house). The delivery was like no other, she is so gentle, considerate, hygienic, empathetic, patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, the list goes on and on. We could not have had it any better. She respected all our wishes and we had no problem doing as she instructed when needed. All in all she is highly recommended as a midwife, you won't have to worry about a thing if you have Imma. Also her postpartum care is phenomenal! She won't discharge you until everything is 100% with you and baby. Thank you Imma we were so blessed and thankful to God for having you.”


Rochelle Pedersen

Mother of Ethan, Lucas, Mia, Ayla and Isaiah

and Liliana, born 07/01/2019




"We are so happy with my home birth experience that we cannot be very objective. We are exultant. The role of Imma has been impeccable. We could say that she has done nothing and in doing nothing, she has done everything. Like the Taoist Wu-Wei. She has been available 100% since the very first moment. Each encounter has been like entering an old library and discovering the unattainable knowledge kept in her: proven and up-to-date scientific evidence, health recommendations from a holistic, comprehensive and respectful perspective, infinite cases that illustrate each decision.

The accompaniment of the pregnancy has helped me to recognize my autonomy and therefore, my power as a woman, as a user of health services and as a member of a changing society that needs to be renewed. This empowerment has been the key to living pregnancy as a moment of vitality and growth that has left a strong imprint which I hope it will spread to the rest of my life.

At the time of birth, curiously, I did not allow her any intervention (I said NO to everything!!!) And at the same time, her presence was the great intervention. The accompaniment to my emotions, decisions and rhythms turned the experience of the birth into a totally healing moment, since the previous one had not been so.

And in the postpartum, her presence has been determining. Knowing that you have an expert available 24 hours males everything more bearable and any sign of alarm can be contained more easily. Her visits were jovial, fresh and at the same time expert. Her messages increased my confidence as a mother at such a delicate moment. Because postpartum time is very delicate and her care has helped us to remember it. She emphasized my weakest moments, all my emotions, all my vulnerability. She has taken care of my eldest daughter, the father of the children and even my parents! "


Cristina Salvia Farré

Mother of  Bruna

and Isona, born 24/12/2018




"I can only be grateful to life for puting Imma on our way, to have availability to accompany us in this small revolution. It has been a pleasure from the moment we met her: close, clear, empowering, a source of wisdom and respect. We had no doubt that whatever would happen, she could detect it and act.

As a woman I have felt listened to, important, embraced, free and capable. I have been able to heal a much medicalized first birth and she has accompanied me without judging, always trusting in the little one and in us, giving us options to highly-protocolized medical opinions, freeing ourselves from fears which the current healthcare system has put on us. During childbirth, she has been present in each contraction, taking care of me without childishing me or underestimating me. It was warmth, words that have given me strength, knowing what to do mimicked with what the moment required: privacy. And then it was care, love and problem and doubts solving.

This experience has been a priceless gift. Everything makes a lot of sense. THANKS IMMA !! "


Alba Puigdollers Travé

Mother of  Naia

and Nora, born on 21/12/2018



"Respectful, sweet, serious, close, all at the right time and in the right way! It has been a pleasure to listen to each meeting. Thank you very much for guiding us and enjoying our happiness in an incredible and exciting birth. This way,Yes !!! "


Dani Garcia Otin

Father of Naia

and Nora, born on 21/12/2018




"Having Imma as midwife has been so wonderful that I have not enough words to explain it, and this is taking into account that I am a very demanding and critical person. I will try it anyway. I contracted her because I wanted birth my second daughter at home, after having had the first one also at home but in Canada, where it is covered by the public health system. The first pregnancy and birth went very well, midwives were very professional, and with the second pregnancy and back in Catalonia I wanted, if it was not possible to repeat such a good experience, at least to have a good service. Well: Imma not only greatly exceeded many aspects of the follow-up and treatment that I received in Canada (and we are talking about a single person in front of a midwife team), but she has become part of my story and my family. At a professional level and during pregnancy, I had a thorough follow up, she informed me in detail about the entire process, my health and the baby's condition, of each test and the results; when I had to make a choice or make a decision, she explained to me and my husband all the options available, always based on scientific evidence and without positioning herself, very respectful. In this sense, we must say that Imma is an excellent communicator: she gives all the necessary information with clarity, she is empathetic, listens with attention, resolves the doubts and makes you feel at ease and comfortable when expressing whatever you feel and think. For it was vital, that there was complicity with the person who participated in such delicate and important moments of our lives, and Imma responded beyond what was expected. Apart from having an experience of years as a midwife and knowing how to communicate, she is passionate about her work and creates a magnificent link at a human level: she is kind and funny, and at the same time serious, punctual, efficient. You can trust her, she is always there; I have known few people who you could trust that way. To give a concrete example, in this second pregnancy I was not feeling well, and professionals form the public health system were getting rid of me saying it was normal, because of the tiredness of having another daughter, etc; Imma, on the other hand, did not stop until she found the reasons for a tiredness that she and I saw as anomalous: she reviewed the tests, she did urine tests, and it was her (and not my midwives of the health clinic, or the Hospital when I went to emergencies) who detected a urine infection that could be related to the extreme tiredness I  suffered and to the painful contractions I had in the second trimester. Thanks to her consistency and being always alert and available, we were able to solve it in time and finish my pregnancy normally. During childbirth, Imma managed to fulfil what I needed most: accompany me by intervening the minimum. She gave me the space I needed to concentrate, was always close by, helped me to endure the pain during contractions with back massage (for hours), created a home atmosphere of silence and love and transcendence ... Thanks to all this, throughout the birth I felt calm, safe, supported and strong, and that allowed me to enjoy it and be very conscious. Accompanying my little daughter to the world in this environment and company was a privileged experience and of a beauty that I cannot explain. Both my husband and I feel very lucky to have had her with us during that time ... And still, I have not enough words. Thanks, Imma. May many other families be able to enjoy your wisdom and kindness for many and many years! "


Mar Márquez Pérez

Mother of Claudia and

Ariadna, born 17/05/2018




“The home birth has brought two people to my life: my son and Imma. There is no day passing by, in which I do not try to remember a moment of the childbirth, I do not want to forget it. I remember smells, looks, lights, songs, hands ... hands that hugged me, that held me, that caressed me; they squeezed hard to relieve the pain. I remember it and I get emotional every time.

It was exactly as Imma told us the first time we met: we all know how to give birth; we only need to trust in ourselves.

In addition to that confidence, I thank you for the safety, the tranquillity and the professionalism. A huge THANK YOU for always being there, on the other side, even after the birth.

Hopefully one day the public and private healthcare system will provide all women with the possibility of choosing to give birth at home.”


Alina Robledo

Mother of Manuela and

Eloi, born 14/04/2018




"I had wanted my first birth to be at home, but inexperienced as I was, away from home, and thinking of the cost it had, everyone managed to convince me hospital births were also respected. Unfortunately this was not the case. The protocols of the hospitals rarely respect the rhythm of a birth. They broke my bag of waters, they filled it up again, and they bothered me during the whole 18-hour period that lasted my labour. The entire birth ended up being much longer than it could have been, and in what I felt like a fight against the hospital staff instead of a looked after birth.


This time I did not want to go through the same. My husband and I were convinced that we wanted a different experience, in which our daughter could also participate. In which times were respected, and where there was no obstetric violence. We talked to several midwives and Imma gave us confidence the most. She gives a lot of information, with scientific articles, with experiences, and information on how it is done in other countries, and all this makes you feel confident that you can trust her and you know that what you are doing has been proven before, and you have all the necessary information.


We had many sessions throughout the pregnancy in which Imma informed us everything about the risks, procedures, everything that could happen, so that nothing came to us as a surprise and we were prepared for everything that could happen. It is a very important accompaniment for a pregnant woman, especially nowadays, where sometimes we are missing the tribe with whom to share everything that happens to us. On the day of delivery I contacted her at 10:00 p.m. at night, when contractions began. She came home straight away, my husband and her prepared the pool, and they fixed the dining room so that it was a quiet place, with little light, and to respect everything what was happening. My son was born at 1:00 a.m. in the morning, in the pool, where I took him myself, and I did not have to think at any time to shout to anyone for doing something that I did not want. The presence of Imma was essential, she helped me with massages during contractions, with breaths, and with her presence, because the mere fact of her being there, you feel safe. Birth is a moment that can empower a woman a lot, but only if it is respected. A not respected birth can cause many problems for both the baby (removal with forceps, etc.) and for the mother (unnecessary caesarean sections, haemorrhages and psychological disorders), and I think people are not well aware of the problem.


All women are capable of giving birth, the only thing we need is a midwife in whom we can fully trust. And Imma for me, has been this woman. That is why I will always be grateful. "


Núria Parera Pera

Mother of  Haizea

and Aniol, born 02/04/2018




"I do not hide it: Imma is my aunt. Starting from here it may seem that from the beginning we had decided to have a homebirth, but it was not like this. Before being pregnant, ​​I never had thought about the possibility of giving birth at home. I had an image of the birth that was very incompatible with a homebirth. However, the classes we took with her during the pregnancy to prepare the birth made all the fears and insecurities disappeared, and they became knowledge, motivation and strong arguments to welcome Emma at home. And so it was. The birth was a great experience. Totally different from what I had imagined at first, but very similar to how I imagined it at the end of pregnancy. Imma creates the ideal environment for birth to flow, for the body to do what is meant to do. Imma does not intervene: It accompanies you, helps, encourages you, gives you security, confidence ... And that is how the body, alone, works perfectly to culminate with the most magical moment of our lives. The birth of our daughter. "


Clara Sistac Sorigué and Mateu Tauler Ametller

Parents of Emma

Born on 26/02/2018




"I write these words and I get emotional, because I think we are infinitely lucky to have lived the births of our two sons in the best possible way and with the best professional there can be. I am in tears while remembering the two most important moments of our lives and in both, our beloved Imma plays an important role. I can not imagine my deliveries without her ... thanks for being there and doing everything so easy, magical and unique. Hopefully, all the women on this planet would have this opportunity, simply to rely on themselves and their ability and love to birth. We need to change the way our children are born so that the world really changes. WE LOVE YOU,  Imma".


Naiara Celades and Pablo Muñoz

parents of Elián and

Arai, born on 10/02/2018




"For us it has been a very good and enriching experience and we have felt very well accompanied by Imma at all times. She helped resolving any doubt that we were facing with clarity, and she has given us a lot of security and professionalism. All this allowed us to be calm on the day of the birth and so, everything was fine. We are very pleased with the work Imma has done with us, and we appreciate the love she puts into her work and the loving care she has given to us. Thanks!"


Marta Plans Pons and Marc Pérez Galceran

Parents of Júlia

Born on 20/01/2018




"I contacted Imma via skipe the first weeks of pregnancy and from the first moment I knew that I wanted her to accompany me. She has always been close and very professional either from a screen thousands of miles away, or helping me to hug my son for the first time.


Given the importance for the reproductive, sexual and personal life that the work of midwife entails, it is admirable how she can maintain a neutral position, always offering the scientific evidence ahead. Without an opinion. She helps you and empowers you to decide for yourself what decisions to make.


Imma accompanied us in my second pregnancy and delivery, and it was precisely the day of the birth when I realized that my oldest son was born in the pre-labour stage after a pharmacologically accelerated labour which ended in a caesarean section. This second time it was a long pre-labour, in which Imma came home twice for false alarm. She always encouraged me and accompanied us patiently.


And on the fourth day of contractions, coming and going, labour started. I was exhausted from the previous days, "I do not want to give birth, I want to sleep" I told her. But there was no turning back. And between cries, sweat, blood and poop, I gave birth to my second child, Dante was born. In our house. That night we all slept together in our bed.


Imma did not leave us until she had left everything arranged and made sure that both the baby and I were well and that the baby had fed properly. No hurry, no unnecessary routines. I felt very well cared for and accompanied by her.


These care didn’t finish after the birth. During the postpartum  time she continued visiting us until we were both discharged from her care.


Undoubtedly I am very satisfied that a person like Imma has accompanied us at this stage of our lives, we will remember her with much love. "


Noelia Fernández López

Mother of Luca

and  Dante, born 25/11//2017




"Throughout the pregnancy, the birth and the postpartum, I felt calm and safe, and I know that one of the key reasons for this was to be accompanied by Imma. My husband also was quickly impressed by her professionalism and way of doing things since one of the first interviews we did.

Now I realize that the birth of my son Magnus could not have been in any other way. I had not a lot of expectations and was open to the experience, but I have to say that if I had imagined the birth some times during pregnancy, the birth that finally took place did not alike it at all: it was infinitely better, more magical, more powerful.

Imma knew how to accompany me at all times according to my needs, and in fact she always encouraged me to tell her what my preferences and/or expectations were, to be able to attend me according to them. During the birth, her silent but constant presence made me feel very well.

I would recommend any woman to choose Imma Sàrries for the birth of her baby. "


Marta Busquets Gallego

Mother of Àstrid

and Magnus, born 17/11/2017




"For the second time I have had the opportunity to give birth in brutal, respectful and empowering experience. Thanks to Imma who facilitate it in the births of my two daughters. I cannot imagine anyone else.

Imma has made me find the confidence in myself when I needed it and she always extended her hand to me in the right way. "


Laia Saborido Vilardell

mother of Xenia

and Thaïs, born on 12/11/2017




"We have felt welcomed and accompanied from the first moment we met Imma. She has been a reference of trust and professionalism, and has given us a lot of peace of mind along the entire path we followed by her side. We are very happy and satisfied how everything went. We had dreamed so much in this birth ... "


Sílvia Martín de Nicolás Agut

mother of Amèlia, born on 18/10/2017




"I was very clear that I wanted a home birth, what was not clear was who would be with me ... until I met Imma and entered the 3rd trimester. Then I had it very clear and although we had some setback, it was the right choice.

Imma is strong, very strong and with excellent preparation. For the way I am, Imma was ideal to provide the confidence and security that I needed. It was also very important for my partner. During the birth he looked at her and already knew that he could be calm. With her parentcraft classes and visits she helped the new  father’s to flow with mine, like a dance, which helped a very good postpartum time. After delivery Imma checks that everything is working well, and this is so much  needed!. It really is needed! I value very much the visits after birth. Being lovingly cared for at home is priceless. "


Edenia Medina Aguilera

Mother of Saskia, born on 10/13/2017




“Being able to have Imma as our midwife has been an amazing experience; nor even in my best dreams I could have imagined that the entire process would be so wonderful.


First of all, Imma is an excellent professional, she informed us of all the birth procedures during the pregnancy visits. She explains everything in an objective way and offers documents and readings so that we could take the choice that most suited us. The most important thing is that at no time were we pressured by her judgment, beliefs or opinions. At all times it seemed perfect what we chose without judging it at all.


As weeks went by, Imma became a person of great confidence, her visits and support were unconditional throughout the process, becoming the person of reference and with whom to share emotions, frustrations, fears and joys at all times.


As for the process of giving birth, Imma has a great gift, and her accompaniment exceeded the imaginable; she is always there unconditional but as if she was not, accompanying with great respect, encouragement and with invaluable knowledge (herbs, her hands, her energy, her voice and her gaze).


Thank you for being in every moment and for giving us the birth that has filled our hearts.”


Bárbara Canals García

Mother of Inka, born 13/10/2017




“Imma was truly incredible for us. Her English is excellent, the level of knowledge she has is exemplary and her care was exactly what we needed.


She gave us the confidence to have our baby girl at home. Not by pushing any agenda, but by making us feel safe, informed, empowered and calm. It’s a rare quality to be able to truly fit into other people’s way of being and Imma manages it perfectly. We never felt like weren’t in control of our own situation.


Imma takes being a midwife extremely seriously – it’s a personal thing for her that she does the best job possible-  and she treats your needs with that same level of thought and care.”


Tomas Leach

Father of Inka, born 13/10/2017




"After nine months growing together, with a pregnancy full of good energy and vitality, on 29/9/17 we met with Jana, our daughter!!! It was a meeting in our home after a natural, effective and precious childbirth.

Thedelivery was en-chanting!!! Never better said… without having premeditated it, I started singing!!! What power has the voice, that connection and that strength!!! After many years studying it through various techniques, both physical and energetic, I perceived as never before, its ability to release tensions and to expand. A potential we have ... Brutal!!!  So Jana came to our little house, making her way between a love mattress and a range of notes and sounds. It was an incredible, intimate and intense experience.


Jana has arrived in a moment of great social movement and, paradoxically, has filled our home with the sweetest and most peaceful of revolutions: the milk revolution!!! She is beautiful and very good ... What can we say!! ... We are totally in love!


I want to thank the great work that our midwife Imma Sàrries has done. A professional who loves and transforms her work into art and who has helped us to have the confidence, the serenity and the strength to bring, naturally, a life to our world. Her accompaniment throughout the process (pregnancy, labour and birth and postpartum) has been excellent, clear and very effective. Nowadays, once we have been discharged, we continue to feel accompanied because she offers us her availability (not urgent) for any doubt or situation. We reiterate, Imma, many thanks for your great work and for offering the world sand grains full of love and affection!!!


The journey continues and now we will continue to dance more than ever !!! May the music of life continue to accompany us, no matter what, with so much light and so much loooooove !!! Huuuuuge Hugs"


Bea Garcia Morales i Sergi Tomico Belso

pares de la Jana, nascuda el 29/09/2017




"Imma is a great professional, her long experience as a midwife shows with the confidence and security she transmits. She provided all the information we were looking for and more, always based on scientific studies, and it proved to be very useful in order to face the birth and the breastfeeding. Since we first met, we felt very close to her as she is very affectionate in the treatment and she knows how to give the necessary space so that both the mother and the couple can express their emotions (essential in an important process like this one where so many feelings). We are very grateful! "


Elisabet Torres and Pol Rivas

parents of Júlia, born 05/08/2017




"The birth of our son Loïc at home has been a unique, very intense and exciting experience. The monthly visits before the delivery were very useful; Imma always answered all the questions and always provided us updated information based on scientific evidence. Being our first child, labour felt long but Imma encouraged us to continue, informing us when we needed to know what the situation was and making available the different possible options. Her support was very professional, respectful and warm. We had a last minute complication with the placenta, which did not come out and therefore we went to the hospital but our son was born at home. We will never forget the emotion of the minutes preceding his arrival and the moment in which I could receive him with my own hands! Imma accompanied us to the hospital and then returned to our home to clean everything, they were 24 hours of dedication with a 100% involvement! Thanks to her experience, patience, and human quality we managed to transcend the difficult moments and Loïc was born healthy and saved on our home’s couch. "


Olympia Martín Cortés and Nando Forné López

parents of Loïc, born 03/07/2017




“It was my third pregnancy, and over my head was floating the shadow of the previous inductions I experienced with my other two children. I wished with all my strength that no one would impose on my baby the day to be born as it happened with her brother and sister, and to be able to consciously help her on her way to the other side of the skin. To know the development of a physiological birth in which we both would be respected, without hurry, without impositions, without unnecessary interventions. To the rhythm marked by the nature of two connected bodies.


My husband did not agree on a home birth, I suppose because of the fear caused by misinformation. I already suggested a home birth when pregnant with our second daughter, and facing his refusal, I decided to find a "respectful" hospital, where I met rigid and obsolete protocols, the game of fear and the "luck" of finding someone respectful on the childbirth date. This time I was not ready to give in.


It was when we met Imma and we knew that it was to be with her. Even my husband came out of that first interview with another concept. She conveyed serenity, sincerity, strength, security, confidence and professionalism. During pregnancy, she helped us to make our own decisions, always with scientific evidence in hand, and visit after visit, little by little, we were preparing for the big day. That longed day. Imma was a constant, strong, effective and serene, loving and respectful physical and emotional support, guardian of the well-being of our baby and of my own. LISTENING without interrupting, ACCOMPANYING every second. And so Alma was born, in the privacy of our home, giving us a healing birth, an indescribable experience.


Imma's support was key in the last days of pregnancy, and of course, also in the immediate postpartum period.


Carlos, like me, has it clear now. We found her at the third (and most likely last) pregnancy, if not, we would repeat at home and with her without hesitation.


We will ALWAYS keep you in our hearts. THANK YOU Imma.”


Silvia Vilches and Carlos Puyuelo

parents of Asier, Leire

and Alma, born  04/06/2017




"The same mother. The same father. The same midwife. However, two births, two worlds.


In October 2013 Imma accompanied us in the birth process of our first child,  Quirze. It was a long birth, and very intens emotionally and physically. We were 84h with broken waters, but the support and professionalism of Imma helped us to keep firm on our decision to give birth at home. I remember the days of childbirth and postpartum with a mixture of happiness and suffering, nostalgia and pride.


And on April 6, our daughter Neret was born, in a quick birth, without complications. During the process of preparing this second birth, we had some fear to repeat the first birth pattern. However Imma insisted that each birth is different and usually the second births are faster. And indeed it was. The waters broke at 09:30 pm and Neret was born at 04:07am. We almost did not realize and she was already with us.


With these two experiences we are convinced that the best place to host a birth is home, not only to be respected and with the least intervention possible, but because we receive children and connect for the first time with their soul in our place, intimate, cozy and full of peace and love. And in these circumstances we are able to capture and experience fascinating experiences. In this second birth, for example, when Neret’s head had just come out, Quirze, our oldest son who was sleeping in another room, woke up. Then Neret’s body came out. It was amazing to live this connection between the siblings! We would have missed this at the hospital. As Quirze would have missed being included from the very beginning in the process of receiving and welcoming his little sister.


Two different children, two different births, two different personalities. We hope to continue learning from these two children who made us become a family.


Imma thank you for making this possible! We love you and we will keep you in our hearts forever. "


Jordi Tantinyà and Clara Grande,

Parents of Quirze and

Neret, born 06/04/2017




“When two years ago, my friend, Elisabetta, told me she had a home, I thought she was crazy! "In the new millennium, taking the risk of giving birth at home?" I thought, but I did not say anything to her. Her labour and delivery went perfectly and Eli spoke to me with so much enthusiasm about her experience that I started to inform myself, to read, and when after a year I was pregnant, we evaluated, with my partner, the possibility of giving birth at home as well and surely with the same midwife of my friend: Imma.


We met her when I was 4 months pregnant and we had what in Italy is called "colpo di fulmine": we had no doubt that she would be our midwife.

But I, have endocrine problems,  so I was not convinced to be able to give birth at home: at the hospital they told me that I was a high risk, because of my pathology and being 40 years old, and that made me feel insecure. Then we told Imma that we would labour at home and then would go to deliver the baby at the hospital.


Imma was fantastic right away: she accepted our decision but also began to study my health situation, she connected me with a very good endocrine doctor who supports homebirth, and also with ,Dr. Michel Odent. And little by little we understood that my pathology did not carry any risk for my birth, despite the "psychological terrorism" that some doctors wanted to show!

In addition, in each meeting, Imma showed to have all the qualities we wanted from the professional to be with us: full competency over any aspect of the birth and everything that surrounded it, a great emotional understanding, affection, kindness and respect, and above all, a lot of specificity, which relaxed me very much.

My partner was already convinced from the beginning towards the homebirth and a couple of months before birth  I was finally able to admit this was what I wanted as well.


It was fantastic, powerful, intimate, respectful, romantic, I lived completely and intensely every second of the most important experience of my life and of our life, I gave birth, better to say Petra and I did it, with the incredible support from Imma and my partner, but we both did it: my daughter and I. I am sure that this joint effort, this power that Petra acquired at the time of her birth, will be a treasure for her for the rest of her life giving her strength to overcome any obstacle.

Imma was fabulous during childbirth: present at every moment that I needed her and invisible  the rest of the time. Immensely respectful and with a total listening of my desires and my needs; and at the moments when I was discouraging, she encouraged me with kindness, respect and good energy: I knew Imma was there for me all the time and I never felt abandoned, I was not afraid, I knew that everything was going well and it all would be fine.


What I did not know was that I would have breastfeeding problems: because of my pathology, my hormonal imbalance affected my milk production. I had  difficult firsts weeks with the weight loss of my baby, the milk extractor, the other ways to give her the formula milk supplement ... Imma was  also there present at every moment of difficulty, for much longer than expected, until we found a good balance and I felt confident enough. If it had not been for Imma surely I would have ended up giving my daughter only formula milk, but Imma is not a woman who gets discouraged !, and her follow-up allowed me to find a balance between my milk and the goat milk. And by the way, now, after three months, I'm already feeding Petra only with my own breast !!


I do not think I will ever be able to show you enough how grateful I am, dear Imma, for everything you did for us! You surely will tell me "I just did my job" ... but I assure you that if everyone were to do their job with your professionalism, your love and your generosity, the world would be a much better place!”


Francesca Romana Degl’Innocenti and Pier Francesco Piccolomini

parents of  Petra, born 26/03/2017




"When I met Imma it was clear to me. I wanted her to be with me at Luan’s birth. It was a "love at first sight." I guess it was for her safety and experience.

Despite being a second birth, fears existed since Nuc’s birth was very "intense" and ghosts were coming to my brain ever so often, but I knew I wanted to have a home birth.

I was sure that Imma was what I needed, we talked about everything that had gone through alreadyin the previous birth, everything that worried me.

They say that every birth is different, like every pregnancy is unique and different, but for me it was inevitable to compare it with what I had experienced already.

Luan’s birth was very special because I knew I would be the last (by choice. Two children is what we always wanted.)

My fears that birth would stop or was too long were under control, Imma knew how to handle me at all times, encouraging me when I needed it, giving me the confidence to empower myself and live this birth without fear.

At no time did I feel there was any obstacle. Maybe because she anticipated everything that was happening very calmly.

We already had our first child at home and we were very happy with the experience but this time the experience was even better.

I have no words to explain how grateful we are, the whole process was perfect ... From the home visits, talks, WhatsApp and of the birth and postpartum.

I often talk to women who say "how  brave you are to have a home birth." They  provably think that  I am crazy, but they say brave instead ... (so I thought the first time a friend told me she would have a home birth). And I tell them "you are the brave going into the hospital" because I know myself, if I was in the hospital, I would have a hard time staying strong to ask for respect for the process and the time that my body and my daughter needed to birth.

I do not think there is better way to have your baby than at home accompanied by who you want. For us it was a privilege to do it with Imma "


Leticia Garcia

Mother of Nuc

and Luan, born 24/03/2017



"After the birth of my first child by caesarean, I knew I needed someone to help me for the birth of my second child. I knew I did not want to repeat anything that happened with my first child but did not know which steps I should follow. The first thing we did was getting in contact with Imma, shortly after I knew I was pregnant.

And so, by  the hand of Imma, we made the way which lead us to our Gael.

Trusting Imma is to trust in yourself as a woman. With her you feel you are a strong and powerful woman, able to give birth to your child as you want. As she says often: TRUST. And I trusted very much, first in my body, which I did not believe capable of giving birth,  and I trusted her, I knew that together we would find the best way.

For Imma there are no witches, there is scientific evidence. And after the evidence, your own informed decision.

Initially I only wanted to dilate at home with her, but the stars aligned and she accompanied us throughout the entire birth

What a gift to have Imma next to me on one of the most magical moments of our lives !!!

She said whispered to my little bay when he was born: you did so well, how wonderfully you helped your mum!!! 

No. Beautiful Imma, it was you who helped me and Gael !!  You made our way an easy one !!!

Thanks for being so professional and a wonderful woman. Thank you for my VBAC !! "


Virginia Hernandez Santos

Mother of Leo

and Gael,  born 8/03/2017



"We are sure that Imma has been the best choice in this unique and precious moment of our life. With her we have felt accompanied from the beginning.

She has shown us love for her work, security, trust .... She has empowered us throughout the process. She is a gift as a person and as a professional !!

Saüc has had the best arrival in the world, thanks Imma for making it possible! "


Aïda Cuesta and Oriol Aguayo

Parents of Saüc,

Born 04/02/2017




"My experience as a the partner.

The first thing I thought when Mireia told me she wanted to give birth at home was something like "kill me!! ... where I've gotten myself!! Then she explained her reasons to me: she wanted a physiological, natural, respected birth ... and she thought that by going into a hospital, there was a good chance that it would not be so.

We started reading about it (yes, me too). We went to talks, talked to acquaintances who told us their experiences with the hospital and we saw that sadly everything fited. Too many routine protocols, too much systematization, lack of empathy that sometimes occurs in hospitals (either due to lack of time and staff in some cases or due to lack of up to date training in others) made me think that maybe Mireia was not so badly headed for wanting to give birth at home.

But still, I could not help but get nervous about the idea. From time to time my fears came; "What if something bad happens during the birth?", "What if something happens to Mireia?", "I could never forgive myself" ... and so on. That's why I was rather reluctant at first to the idea of ​​doing it at home. So we came to an agreement. An intermediate solution.

We knew that by being first time parents we could end up going too soon to the hospital without having dilated enough, which could lead to an induction of labour and thus enter into that protocol loop we wanted so much to avoid. So we decided to look for a midwife to keep track of everything and also be with us until it was really time to go to the hospital. That's how we met Imma.

I could say that almost overnight I changed my mind. Thanks to the safety of Imma and how she transmits it, the way she explains everything and solves your doubts, her meticulousity and organization, her closeness and affection. Thanks to all this we managed to overcome our fears and we managed to have the birth that Mireia and Altea deserved. After a few meetings with her we were convinced that doing it at home next to her was what we really wanted.

In addition to helping me overcome my fears, I was able to enjoy the birth of Altea very much. I can not imagine a better scenario to receive her than the one we had in our apartment, where I could feel myself participating all the time, sure of myself and with the constant feeling that everything I did helped. In the few moments when I could feel insecure, there was Imma to tell me with a gesture or a look that everything was fine, that I should not worry. There is no way to express the satisfaction of seeing your partner receive your daughter with her own hands, in such an intimate and tender way. Perhaps listening to Imma's cracked, excited voice at that moment, is the best way to express it.

One of the mistakes someone like me can do is to think that after childbirth everything is done. That childbirth is really the difficult part and what comes next is to learn to carry out a daily routine. How far from reality!

I can say without a doubt that the most difficult part (at least for what I have experienced) comes in the postpartum where your daughter needs to eat every 2-3 hours and you cannot sleep. Where the first few days you are worried that the girl sleeps instead of eating and you know she has to gain weight. Where you have to be strong and serve as a shield before visits from family and friends so that nothing interferes with the consolidation of breastfeeding and the mother-daughter bond. Where you have to deal with your partner's emotional changes, paperwork, failed attempts at street outings, successful outings, diapers, pipis, cacas ... summarizing: 24 hours - full time job. Nobody talks to you about this part and how hard it is. And this is where I once again thank Imma for all her support. Thanks to her postpartum follow-up, to her home visits, her advice, her messages by WhatsApp asking how everything was going, her affection and tenderness with Altea and Mireia ... thanks to all this, the way I have lived the postpartum has certainly been much quieter, safer and conscious.

There are two moments next to Imma which will stay in my head. The first was at the birth of Altea where I felt like a bond between us and her. The second, bittersweet, was the day she discharged Mireia as we knew that her visits were over.

Imma, I can only say that I feel very fortunate and grateful to have had you side by side in this whole process. Many thanks."


Juan Ángel Garrido

Father of Altea

Born on 17/01/17




“The arrival in our lives of our son Jaudiel has been a gift ... for various factors. And one of them is the accompaniment we received from Imma.


We, as parents, wanted a respected birth, with time, safe, in the privacy of our home ... The first midwife on the list we prepared was Imma. From the beginning, we liked, above all, her professionalism and affective proximity. The same afternoon we confirmed her that we wanted her to be our midwife. So good! And how easy I thought! And I think that this has been a thought that accompanied us throughout the process of preparation for childbirth, the birth and the postpartum time. Even though our birth ended up being in the hospital and with Caesarean section!


The visits we had with Imma before week 37 were very enriching. All our doubts and worries were resolved in those two hours of intimate and pleasant encounter ... we always left satisfied and with homework to do!! ... when we were worried, she always answered us quickly and sent us documentation to read; basically contrasted medical studies that reinforced her words.


And it arrived the long awaited  40th week. Although since week 38 I was eager to give birth, ... Some rhythmic and constant contractions appeared, but they were not strong and what we thought was the beginning of labour, the next day stopped.


At week 41 we started the steps Imma told us: every two days at the hospital to do Doppler scan and every other day visits with her. That is to say: a hospital day and the next visit with Imma, until labour started... So we went to the hospital to get information about Jaudiel’s wellbeing. Josep Oriol and I prepared before going so that everything was fluid. I had read many comments from hospital births and knew that, at some point, they could pressure us to give up the idea of ​​giving birth at home or make us stay in hospital just because of having reached week 41 and not having even started labour. However, despite the pressure we were receiving, we had Imma to advise us professionally at all times. The first thing that they told us was that I was one more week pregnant. I had explained to the professionals all through the pregnancy that those dates were impossible, because I had a very exhaustive control of temperature and sexual intercourse ... On the second visit, the relationship with the hospital staff got worse. I felt that they were looking for anything to tell me that they should induce labour. After this visit, I collapsed. I was tense and that way labour could not start!!! Imma came home and her words made me get back to my place. And I told my partner that I needed to stand up to those people, because I was feeling small in front of them although, inside, I wanted to tell them few clear things.


Here I make a reflexion... I understand perfectly that the hospital staff do the best they can and know, they have studied and have practiced and therefore they are professionals. But maybe this is where they have to focus the training... add a subject on emotional support to the patient?


The fact is that at the third hospital visit, yes, at week 42 (43 for them) it was when I got up and I told the doctor that the only thing we wanted to know was if everything was well, we were well informed and we had all the right to go to the hospital to follow a medical check with ultrasound scan. The man told us that the hospital could refuse to take care of us. And I told him that we had been informed and that, by law, they were obliged to attend us. We stressed that if we had to sign papers that exempt them from liability we were ready to do so. Therefore, we did. Then he told us that the hospital could report us and we told him to do what he believed he needed to do, that we knew what our rights were, and we understood our responsibilities. That man, we had seen only once, who knew nothing about our history, who did not know us, told us that he would meet with the hospital team and decide what to do ... I went out angry but empowered!


And here Imma was of great help. She informed us that there had been a precedent from a mother who was reported, in week 40-41 and police officers went to her house to take her to the hospital to force an induction of labour on her... Imma gave us the telephone of a lawyer who advised us.


All in all, my partner and I decided to use a natural method to start the first contractions of labour, before everything worsened...


On the 28th, I started with pre-labour contractions: rhythmic, intense, painful ... With joy, fear and a lot of love around. Josep Oriol and I felt very close to each other ... When Imma came home I was impressed to feel her presence, dressed in white. I thought, this is it Felicia ... She told us that the woman who had her due date after ours had also begun labour, and in this case she had to evaluate who was most urgent to attend. I had not even dilated a single centimetre! Imma went to the other woman ... The next day the contractions continued and I could feel that I had not dilated. Imma wanted to come and see how everything was going. Cervix was effaced and 1 cm dilated. When we heard Jaudiel’s heart we felt that something was not going well, he had hard time to recovering from the contractions. Imma told us Jaudiel was tired and we had to go to the hospital to have a better follow-up of his wellbeing. We dismissed going to the hospital we had gone to the last days and we decided to go to La Maternitat. Imma came with us...

And from now on everything was wonderfully fluid. They attended me immediately, they found out that, indeed, Jaudiel's heart was hard to recover from the contractions. Imma spoke with the doctors and the midwife. I was holding Josep Oriol’s hand with one hand and Imma’s hand with the other. I felt sore and safe. At this hospital we were super-well accompanied. At no time did they judge us, nor did they make any comments out of tune, although for them I was also on week 43. I felt respected and well informed at all times.


The gynaecologist gave me two options: the first one induction with oxytocin and if the dilation was not going well then moving towards the second option, caesarean section...Imma explained to me at all times the steps that doctors were taking, the changes of team shift and everything that happened around me ... and I think this helped me to concentrate only on my labour. I had a feeling inside myself that I should not spend too much time because Jaudiel may had been suffering a few hours…... At one point, the three of us were alone and I told them if we could do Caesarean directly because I felt that Jaudiel was tired and did not have the certainty that oxytocin would help him ….what if he dies?  Was I thinking…? ... Well I was not thinking so much, it is only now I can understand those thoughts and put them in words. At that moment, they were all sensations and emotions. After a few minutes they were already preparing me in the operating room, and Josep Oriol too! Imma stayed in the waiting room ... I was super happy! Before entering the operating room, I remember looking at Josep Oriol and telling him: "sweetheart, soon we will see Jaudiel!" I was looking forward to it! The pre-surgery was even fun. I remember hearing the team getting ready, with good humour, making jokes and involving me in their talks. Rosa, the hospital midwife, also informed me about everything: the injection they were going to put me in the column and where Imma and Josep Oriol were…; He was getting ready and in no time he would join me in theatre,….she was a love! I think that's why I remember her name…


When I heard Jaudiel's cry I smiled, what a great joy!!!. Even now, I am excited. To see him for the first time on his father’s arms….How beautiful!!!! It was the first thing I said when I saw him and I held him in my arms ...


They took us to a room and from the minute zero  Jaudiel latched well on the breast. I felt happy, I felt lucky about how we had been treated. And we felt that we had been very lucky because we knew that other people had had bad experiences in similar cases to ours ... And Imma always with us. What else could we ask for !!!


The gynaecologist spoke with Imma and with us and told us that my uterus had more fibromas than we thought we had and that this produced non-effective contractions... Jaudiel was bathed in thick meconium that, luckily, did not affect him.


We spent two more days at the hospital and Imma came to visit us to see how breastfeeding was going. And she also visited us at home... The truth is that everything was very fluid afterwards. Josep Oriol and I already knew what our roles were for the post-natal period and that made everything very easy. In a few days, Jaudiel was discharged and few days later Imma discharge the whole family from her care.


We only have grateful words for Imma’s services. We are very happy as a family and, without a doubt, we will repeat!”


Felicia De Diego y Josep Oriol Agats

Jaudiel’s parents, born 30/12/2016




"They have called me brave, they have called me strong, they have called me daring, but they also have called me unconscious and reckless, and they have called me selfish.

And no, I can not stand being called selfish. Selfish for having given birth at home, for wanting to show I was brave, for wanting to prove I was more woman than those who do not birth at home ... For all this I have been called selfish. For wanting to put my will and my pride in front of the safety of my son. For all this I have been called selfish.

And no, I do not feel selfish at all. Because, to me, giving birth at home was an option that gave guarantees to my son. I felt that I was giving him what he needed to be born. My tranquility was his tranquility. If I was comfortable, he was comfortable to be born. If I felt safe, he would arrive safely. If I was well accompanied he would arrive well accompanied. No hurry, no noise, no pressure.

So it was. It was not a selfish birth, it was a generous birth accompanied by the best hands in the world and by a person who transmits a fantastic and restorative serenity in the hardest moments.

Thank you very much for being there Imma, Cesc’s birth with you was spectacular!"


Mariona Gens

Mother of Cesc

Born 29/12/2016



"When you tell people that you want to give birth at home they usually pull a surprised face but after talking a bit it takes less than 30 seconds to see that it is a normal option and, above all,a comfortable and natural one.

The mother was more of the opinion of not saying much, I preferred to tell everyone who asked, and the truth is that the results are good. There is a lack of pedagogy in this sense (and especially the inclusion of childbirth at home in the programs of provate insurances and / or public health system) but I am convinced that over time it will be a more requested option.


Imma has a strong and determined character and great security and knowledge, that means that she tells you things as they are at all times. And this is very important to gain confidence in childbirth.


The experience was very good, everything was good, and the best thing (at least for the father) was to have the feeling that a few hours after childbirth we were ready to continue our life with a new baby. In our case, the baby was born at 7am, and by 10am all the family together was having breakfast. What a difference with the first (he was born at the hospital), the first few days become long and heavy, and when we got home we still needed time to become used to the idea at home. The only downside is that at home you have to cook lunch ;-) "


Dani Picas

Father of Cesc

Born 29/12/2016




"One of the reasons why I finally was convinced to give birth at home, was meeting Imma Sàrries. With her I felt completely safe, and capable of anything and in good hands. The birth and postpartum care was excellent and her professionalism was impeccable.

Birthing consciously has been one of the most important experiences of my life. Feeling I had good company at that time was basic. It was possible with Imma and my partner. Thank you both. "


Rosa Ma. Pérez Pérez

Mother of the Star,

Born 11/23/2016


"Having our daughter at home allowed me to experience the privilege of participating in something transcendent. Despite being in a second place, I felt a main role in our daughter transition to this world. Imma made me feel safe at all times and this allowed me to enjoy the the birth of our daughter, despite my insecurities. Thank you Imma, I am very pleased that you have accompanied and guided the birth of our daughter. "


Josep Anglada Ferrer

Father of the Star,

Born 11/23/2016



“Before being pregnant I had in mind to have a home birth. When I started planning the birth some circumstances made us doubt about this idea, but, life brought us to meet Imma after few coincidences.  And it was clear to us that she had to be the one to look after us during the birth. We met her and confirmed all our suspicions; it had to be her. She gave us a security and confidence that is unusual. She is a great professional with vocation, she lives for what she does, always ready to share knowledge and open to all options, without imposing with humility and clarity, always present and near by, making you feel that you are capable, both before, during childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Without any doubt, we did not make a mistake when we decided to have the birth at home with Imma and if we ever have another child, she will be the first to hear about us, in fact, she is already part of our family.


Ana Zaragoza and Ossian Cambeiro

Parents of Helga,

Born 02/11/2016



"They say the baby chooses when and how he wants to be born. Bruno chose Imma, I am sure of that.


The decision to give birth at home came first as an idea, without words, then a silent thought, and one day I said it loudly and suddenly Imma’s name appeared in our lives. In an unexpected moment from work and between mail and mail, I picked up the phone and I called her. I remember perfectly the day, the time, the light there was, the smell... and the conversation with her: direct, energetic and efficient. We met three days later.


After the first meeting with her it became clear, I wanted to give birth at home and wanted her to accompany us. The best was that Agus, my partner, who had never thought of ​​giving birth at home, left with the same feeling as me: total security, confidence and enthusiasm to receive Bruno at home. It was also Agus’ decision.

Imma told us to think about it, to compare, to meet other midwives, but we didn’t. We felt it was her. And the adventure began.


All the meetings previous to the birth were essential. Every time we felt more confident. I always waited impatiently for the next meeting.


The day came four days before the (un)expected due date.


At 4 am on October 11, the waters broke. Instantly I felt the first contraction unambiguously, unequivocally. I had always wondered how it would be a contraction and if I could recognize it. After the first five minutes, I felt another. We wrote a message to Imma, and she replied instantly ... IT WAS 4 am!! And she was totally available. We talk on the phone and she decided to come home. She came at half past five or six in the morning, I cannot really remember when, I only remember that she came very fast.


It was flawless. She arrived and began to prepare everything, I was just focusing on the contractions, and she pressed my back with her hands every time I felt a contraction. After the contraction, I was left alone while she and Agus prepared everything. I did not worry about anything else but going through contractions, resting and breathing. Our dining room became a cave. I remember warm soft corner lights, darkness, pleasant temperature. The birth lasted about eight hours but they felt to me like two hours. I felt safe and always accompanied. With total privacy to live with my partner the whole birth, and the security of having an exceptional professional at our side, silent, giving us support whenever necessary, guiding us when convenient. She appeared like an angel, dressed in white, her eyes big and blue, always smiling and speaking softly. It was amazing to welcome Bruno surrounded by so much peace.


I spent most of the time in the birthing pool; the water temperature was always perfect. The temperature was regulated but I do not know how they did it, because I was just giving birth. Imma and Agus were in charge of everything else, as it should be. Imma helped me to birth; she guided me so everything could be perfect!!  And it worked out better than I had ever imagined.


Bruno was born 3:30 pm. I gave birth on the sofa. When he was born I took him and put him on me, and he was there for two long hours. Then I went to have a shower, the best shower of my life, I felt great. Meanwhile Agus was lying on the couch doing skin to skin with Bruno.


Imma did not leave until Bruno latched on the breast, which was very difficult as he had a tongue-tie hindering him from latching on well. However, we got it; Bruno got it thanks to Imma.


Around nine at night Imma left and it looked like nothing had happened at home, everything was flawless, everything fixed. She left a warm cinnamon tea prepared, and some other herbal tea to clean myself with. Everything was in place, as before, but with an atmosphere of total peace and love. And small Bruno finally in our arms.


The postpartum support was excellent. Everyone had spoken of the postpartum horrors, the worst of all. I did not have a bad experience. On the contrary, I was happier than ever. Imma helped me with breastfeeding, and she has resolved all our doubts. She was always available. I had a urinary tract infection that she helped care efficiently. I always felt safe and accompanied. Thanks to her, the postpartum time has been a magical adventure. Everything has been easy and quiet thanks to her, to Agus for being the best companion and father of the planet and to Bruno for being so smart and a fast learner.


We will be eternally grateful to Bruno for choosing Imma. And infinitely grateful to Imma for deciding one day to train as a midwife to accompany women to give birth at home, which is how we should all give birth! She makes it possible! Imma is passionate about her job; she is the best professional we have known, and an amazing person worth knowing!

With endless gratitude. "


Elisabet Sort Rodés

Bruno's mother, born 11/10/2016



"Imma has been able to rely on our ability and willingness. She has been respectful in all our visits and she widely informed us. She has been able to share her knowledge with us and the telephone communication has been immediate. She is a rigorous and competent professional who does very well her work. "


Elisenda Barrera i Pere Bosi

Parents of Guiu and

Lluc, born 21/07/2016



"Imma gave us a feeling of absolute confidence from day one. For us it was a real treat knowing that we had a professional expert with many years of experience as a doula, and with much knowledge about emotional wellbeing. We felt loved, cared for and supervised from a very global perspective, and Imma didn’t forget the smallest detail! Always present, always confident, always loving and always accurate.


Always accompanied by Imma!

- In fears and doubts during the last weeks of Lua’s pregnancy

- Giving us peace of mind and absolute confidence in the long pre-labour days

- from respect and unconditional love in the process of Lua’s birth, to the emotional and technical support throughout the moving postpartum process


To have Imma was a real treat. Imma Thanks!  Adolfo, Jana, Lua and I love you very much! "


Bárbara Viader, Adolfo Gonzalez  and Jana Valls

Parents ans sister of Lua,

born 04/07/2016



"From the first moment I wanted a respected and human homebirth and chosing you as a midwife was a great success. You knew how to solve my doubts and fears during pregnancy and  once birth had started you gave my calmness and security, so much that I was even able to laugh some times between contractions. Knowing you were by our side though almost invisible in the darkness of the room, I could enjoy a unique experience giving birth in my own way, completely gone in my world and taking all the time we needed, unhurried, without interventions or distractions.

A huge hug from all three, and thanks for resolving difficulties at the beginning of breastfeeding. "


Simona and Oki

Parents of Borte

born 22/06/2016




"You have given us the security and confidence that we needed. I knew I wanted a home birth but I also felt fear and uncertainty. Thanks to you these fears were gone soon. Your support has been in every way, both physically and emotionally, excellent. We could not have chosen a better person for this vitally important time for us. Thanks for being there and wanting to be there. "


Montse Pujada and Patricio Herrera

Parents of Diana

and Sara, born 09/06/2016




"Well, we are going to tell how it was our experience with Imma. After several midwives had told us "no way with a previous caesarean I am not risking and you live too far away, where there’s no civilization" we met Imma. She was not intimidated by anything. She understands that precisely who has undergone a caesarean has a greater need to give birth, which seemed basics to us. After hearing her speaking and describing childbirth and the needs of the mother and baby in much the same way we do, we said, "Hey, it's going to be with her, why not?".

During the visits, Imma explained everything that could happen during childbirth, all remote cases, all the possibilities and complications, and how to deal with them. With each visit we said: "Come, let's plan the afternoon. Today we will be with Imma ten minutes, the last time she told us everything”. And so, each time we visited her we were arriving two hours late to everything else. Anyway, if you want information, planning, understanding, knowledge and professionalism, call Imma Sarries Zgonc. If not ... well, there are people for everything.

In our case, helped and supported by Imma, everything went very well during childbirth. The prelabour was eternal, so that it seemed that we would have to go to the hospital, but thanks to her knowledge and experience our son was born at home, so fast that we didn’t even have time to fill the pool, which is what is cool about homebirth.

I recommend her if you prefer real implication visits to pim-pam-nextplease, and if you find it is cool to have a respectful birth are cool and respectful, attentive and safe in your own home"


Noemi and Carlos,

mother and father of Niobe

and Conan, born 13/05/2016




"Giving birth to our daughter with you has been a huge gift. You have given me the security and confidence I needed to enter into the birth without thinking, and I saw my body flowing through the whole process in a natural way... Somehow, I feel I have healed the fear transmitted from mother to daughter in my family.


During birth, I felt so well accompanied with your hands and massages... and yet I felt I was on my own moving forward without interferences, fully immersed in my world.


In the postpartum period was a luxury to have you available at all times. We enjoyed a magical postpartum despite difficulties with breastfeeding. For me you have been like a mother who pushes her chicks out of the nest to fly. "


Magalí Lladó Morales

Mother of Èlia

Born 18/03/2016


"It was a unique trip, very intense and wonderful. We are very pleased. "


Lluis Planas Herrero

Father of Èlia

Born 18/03/2016




"Many many many thanks!!! The first time that we thought about a home birth we did not imagined it would be so beautiful, magical and fantastic as it has been!! All this accompanied by the best midwife we could have chosen, an exceptional professional, attentive, committed, human, perfectionist and a thousand more adjectives we could find for you. You are a sun, Imma!!! An angel!!! An excellent person.  With your help, every birth is special and you get involved with each one as if it were the only one in the world.


Thank you for being who you are, for conveying security, for having everything controlled and for helping many families to fulfil this dream. It was the best decision we made, the birth of our daughter was one of the most beautiful, and special day of our lives thanks to your help. A unique experience that we will not forget!!! We know that if one day we want to be parents again, we would repeat the experience in the same way, enjoying the moment and being very calm and happy with your company. Many many many thanks !!! "


Gemma Torne

Mother of Roger

and Isona, born 21/02/2016





“We would like to thank you Imma for being there with us on our journey to bring little Rosie into the world. Without you we could not have done it!!!

Coming from the UK and Rosie being our first baby to be born in Spain, everything was new and very diferent and you guided me and pointed me in the right direction whenever I needed it.

You showed me ways to combat common pregnancy ailments naturally and guess what.....they all worked!

Always there to give me confidence and put me back on track when I started worrying about nothing!

As far as midwives go, you are without a doubt one of the most professional, warm and knowledgable that I have come across (and I have met a few).

You gave me the courage and strength to keep going when I so badly wanted to give up (with a little help from Mike of course) and you knew exactly what to do even though the little madam was face first!!

You made my birth experience exceptionally smooth with your clear instructions in the preperation and how you left my home exactly as you found it with as little stress for me and Mike as possible and for that we are grateful!

Plus the added bonus of a detailed demonstration of the placenta which my kids will never forget!!

The aftercare was fantàstic, even for baby number 4, I still had qüestions and things relating to my recovery that I had not been through before and you knew exactly what to do!

We are eternally grateful, Rosie is here and doing great and you helped to get her here!

We will never forget the experience and if I can ever convince Mike to go for number 5......for sure you will be getting a phone call!!

Can not thank you enough!!!

Lots of love. The tuckers."


Jessica and Michael

Parents of Ivy, Frank, Olive

and Rosie born 08/02/2016  




"Our pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum have been wonderful and now our daughter is fantastic, happy and smiling. We believe deeply that our daughter is like this thanks to the birth we had and the postpartum we chose. Our guide and companion throughout these process, Imma, has been key to create our family through confidence and happiness.


She always empowered us, made us feel responsible for our daughter from the pregnancy tests. We were informed about everything. She is special; she conveys all the confidence of a knowledgeable professional but giving you space to feel respected.


During childbirth, she knows what her place is. Near when necessary and respecting the space and privacy of the couple when the couple needs it. She makes you feel that is you who is giving birth, it is your time, and you are the one to take decisions.


As for the postpartum, her trust in us as mothers made us trust ourselves. Her support in times of weakness was basic.


Imma, thanks for helping us to believe that this whole process was simple and natural and we were prepared. It was the beginning of a new magic life!  A big hug."


Aura Garrofé and Laura Font

Mothers of Luz, born 26/11/2015




“Someone who gave birth at home said, "everyone believes that the moment you give birth at home is the peak experience, but it is not. The truth is that the force you feel when you pass the threshold of pregnancy to take your son / daughter with your own hands, it is still growing inside you and will always do so. "

True, three months later, the experience of my delivery continues to grow inside me. And the certainty that giving birth at home accompanied by Imma was the best decision we could make.


Life is full of triangles that are connected. Eleven years ago I read an article in La Vanguardia (Spanish newspaper) that would change my way of seeing the childbirth itself, change my birth and my life by default. I read an interview with Michel Odent. I remember reading it and thinking, "uh ... this makes sense, the birth of human beings could also happen without all weapons of medical instruments and interventions around."  I stored the name of Michel to return to him the day I would fall pregnant and go to give birth to her clinic. And so it was. In March last year (2015) I felt pregnant and interviewing a doula in Los Angeles, where we live, she told me that Michel was going to be in LA that week giving a seminar. So I did not hesitate and attended Michel’s workshop. It was amazing to receive all the information personally, but my big concern remained unresolved, as Michel no longer worked at the clinic in France and I did not know anyone in Spain who share his vision. I thought there was no one better than Michel Odent to ask for advice on where or with whom to give birth in Spain. Michel told me that he had worked with a Spanish midwife, and he knew that after working in England, she had returned to Spain not long ago, with a little luck, Barcelona. It was ​​Imma.


I contacted Imma, and did an interview via Skype. My husband and I were still very green, and uneasy about the possible options in Spain. Although I have a private insurance, a little research revealed that large private centers in Barcelona are far from guaranteeing a physiological birth. We spoke with Imma over an hour, and when we hung up we were both quiet, in peace, and we knew we had found the person who would accompany us on one of the most decisive moments of our life.

Imma transmitted above all security, spoke very clearly and frankly, something we had not encountered before. She listened to us and never judged us, she always  gives you all the different options to choose. She makes clear that decision after decision its you who chooses the way you want to receive your son / daughter.


Without going into details about the birth I would like to share a couple of facts to leave very clear why Imma was our best decision, and how very different it could have been our experience without a doubt:

My waters broke just on the border of being considered premature. We grabbed the fact that we had just reached the date, as a castaway to a lifeline.

The day my waters broke I had no contractions, spent two days until the contractions started coming shyly. Imma suggested I took castor oil if I wanted to help get labour starting and not keep waiting. I kept calm the first two days but when I was in the 5% of pregnant women who do not get in labour within the first 48h after breaking waters, I decided it was better to try the oil, than start stressing myself. Because stress in childbirth, is the worst enemy.


I tried the oil and that night received my first contractions almost in a welcome party! It meant we did not have to go to the hospital. Childbirth continued. It was an amazing trip and I remember it now happily with my husband. A home birth, where I saw my daughter being born quietly with eyes open and eager to begin nursing. Breastfeeding started within minutes of giving birth and thus followed without problems or difficulties during this time (it has been nearly 4 months) After birth I was calm, no stitches or episiotomy, feeling respected, supported and loved. Especially knowing that both my daughter and I have been owners of the experience.


The picture would have been very different in a hospital. They would have reminded me that my daughter was almost premature. As I had  no contractions in the first 48 hours, in a hospital protocol I would have been induced. And who knows ... probably would have ended up with a cesarean section.


Thus the decision to hire Imma, which may seem more like going to prenatal yoga classes ... was not irrelevant. It was transcendental and it will accompany us throughout life.


Carlota Santamaria Hernandez

mother of Sol, born 21/11/2015




"I only have one word for you, Imma: thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for the work you do, for doing it with passion, rigor, professionalism, understanding and affection ... thanks for making possible the best possible birth for our son! Giving birth at home with your assistance has been one of the best decisions of my life!!  Childbirth preparation has been rewarding and has made us gain confidence. Childbirth was respected, intimate and conscious, and the postpartum accompanied with the necessary care and love. It was wonderful! "


Olga Torras

Mother of Aniol, born 09/11/2015


"I felt me much respect or fear towards giving birth at home, but after the first meeting with Imma, all my fears and doubts faded and it became clear that everything would go well. Her explanations and experience immediately make you feel that giving birth at home is not a whim or folly, it really is a decision to be taken, which it is worth making"


Jose Agustin

Father of Aniol, born 09/11/2015




"Knowing this incredible woman, Imma Sarries, led me to discover the beauty and power of what is a home birth, the trust towards nature and the power of my own body ... are unforgettable experiences. We had two children and two home births, accompanied and supported by her presence so respectful and tender.

She is a high level professional, she has always accurate answers to the needs of a woman waiting for a child, whether concrete things in the medical field, psychological support during pregnancy and support during labour, massage, or just guiding smoothly through what the great adventure of bringing a child into this world.

My children were born at home, serene and happy. That is priceless. It is the greatest gift one can do. I will never forget her support and presence, I feel very fortunate to have met and been able to cross that "deep and unknown ocean" that is pregnancy and childbirth with a guardian angel by my side like Imma Sarries ...


Anahit Simonian

Mother of Tigran

and Alice, born 09/11/2015




"Imma is a great professional and an extraordinary person, authentic and with a big heart. From day one both my husband and I connected with her and the birth exceeded my expectations.


The delivery was very quick and Imma with her angel’s hands helped me so that I almost did not feel the contractions. Her support was excellent, respectful, very loving and with great professionalism. We had Milán at home in our living room and it was very emotional. I can only say from this unique and unforgettable experience, that the presence of Imma gave us complete peace of mind at all times knowing that we were in good hands and with her everything would go well and it would be a magical experience, as it was. Imma arrived an early morning of October 29th, 2015 and two hours later Milán was born in such a natural and beautiful way that I can not express in words.


I am immensely grateful that the infinite has put in our way Imma and we were able to enjoy this special time with her and thanks to her. My experience of having a home birth with Imma has left an indelible mark on my heart. If you want to live an experience like this, do not hesitate to give birth with Imma. Imma thank you, thank you !!!! "


Sara Chica and Kasra Mottahedeh

Parents of Biel

and Milán born 29/10/2015




"The intuition told me, before I met Imma, that she would be the person who would help me have a home birth. I read her CV and the testimonials in her web and I loved everything. I was not clear whether we would do it at home or in the hospital (it was my first pregnancy) I needed information from someone like her. After the first conversation it became clear to me, well, to us, because my partner did not know much of this world, and was even more convinced than me. She gave us a lot of confidence and security, she is very good in her field. All doubts were resolved, and we had much learning ahead. It is obvious that her work is her life, she is passionate about this, and transmits this passion in knowledge, security and empathy.


I experienced the birthin a very wild way.  Labour iitself was relatively fast, but the pre-labour not at all. After a day with irregular contractions, Imma helped me with a single sentence to get into labour. She knows what to say at all times, knows to be silent (especially during labour she almost said nothing when I was in my contractions) or no call me back to earth when I was gone in pain, as it happened to me at times. Discreet and at the same time very much present, I knew she was there and that was all I needed to let go and trust myself fully. I felt respected at all times. My partner and I are grateful for the gift of experiencing our birth at home. No doubt it has been the most powerful, intense and beautiful thing in our lives.


In addition, during the first days postpartum she was a key figure because I felt down and did not know what was happening to me. Her explanations, affection and the concern she showed towards our well being, helped us to move forward faster than I had ever imagined. I recommend her to anyone who wants a respected birth. Who knows, maybe we’ll repeat someday !! "


Gisela López and Jaume Gomà

Parents of Arnau, born 17/10/2015




“The moon moves in its eternal journey by the firmament. We embrace Andreu strongly under the stars and under the leaves of the old hackberry tree. Your my uterus contracts with increasing energy, as driven by a inexorable and invisible clock. Our time to be one, small whale, depleted sweetly.

I feel deeply the call of water. Fill the hot water tub, turn of the light and burn an incense stick.

Imma comes, little fairy. She touches the belly and gives us the serenity and peace that guide us as astrolabe, reading the stars, in this oceanic crossing. "


Iguàzel Pac

Mother of Adai, born 06/07/2015


"I think a home birth gives the father a role during childbirth that it would probably be impossible to enjoy otherwise. Probably as close to giving birth that we can never be. "


Andreu Gonzàlez

Father of Adai, born 06/07/2015




"As a medical doctor I was nervous about my wife's wish to give natural birth at home (my specialization as Trauma Surgeon didn't help it at all ...). After the first meeting with Imma I knew she was the right person to assist my wife with her wish without all my hair turning gray. Her competence, systematic approach covering all eventualities in balance with her loving attitude and empathy make her the perfect person for this job. The experience of home birth was a wonderful one for us all ... Thank you Imma!"


Thomas Tulip

Father of Tom and

Matt, born 21/07/2015




"For many years I did not have children. However, I had no doubts. If I ever would have children, I would have a homebirth. When I got pregnant, I did not hesitate: it would be with Imma Sàrries. Although she did everything so I would meet other midwives, I did not see any other. I was right. From the first visit, Imma was the person I needed to find: direct, clear, professional and secure of her knowledge. At the same time available and, when necessary, tender and close by.

The pregnancy went well and we never thought we were not going the right way. Sure, we had concerns, but the active presence of Imma helped us to find our own answers.

And calmly I got to the labour day. Already having advanced contractions I said: do not worry, do not come yet, it will still take a long time. She appeared autonomously after a while. I have no adjectives to describe those hours. I will only say that they were a personal overcoming. Believing that you cannot anymore and noticing that yes you can go further, and going beyond as well. And Imma always nearby, with respect and in silence, a discreet presence and fundamental in each contraction and every moment.

I felt respected, accompanied, listened to and supported.

The accompaniment during the postpartum was equally crucial, a precious assistance, very rare nowadays. I am sure that it contributed especially to the very good and carefree relationship I have with our son.

Thanks Imma. "


Elisabetta Fourth

Oliver's mother,

Born 01/06/2015




"When I met Imma I knew she was the midwife I was looking for. Convinced to give birth at home, all the meetings we had during pregnancy gave me the strength, information and tranquility to expose it to family and friends without having them puting their hands on their heads, as the decision was based on scientific evidence proving it to be a very safe option. The support during birth was wonderful, perfect, and Lua was born at home in a warm, respectful and loving environment. She had the cord around her neck and so I could not catch her, Imma received her to undo the cord, and handed her to me. I really like that the first hands touching my child were those of a woman with so much light within. The postpartum support, for me, has been essential in all aspects. I have felt accompanied, heard, cared for, respected and loved. It has helped me to feel capable of doing it, and now that it's been almost two months, I look back and I reaffirm that I chose the best possible option. Thanks for everything, Imma !!!! "


Laia Oraa Cid

Mother of Lúa , born 09/05/2015


"Imma has everything a pregnant woman would expect from her midwife, and everything that a new father could not even imagine from a midwife. She knows how to accompany both mother and father, giving them the space they need in special moments. She is comprehensive, professional, caring and respectful. She responds perfectly to the difficulties that may arise before, during and after childbirth. "


Adrian Fariñas Jimenez

Father of Lúa, born 09/05/2015




"It has been just over two years you joined us during the birth of our second son Gerau. At that time we could not finish the experience at home as expected. It was very long and I could not anymore ... Gerau was born in the hospital.

The day we arrived home, I felt what we lived there few days before and I was thrilled. I realized that all those hours we experienced at home were not in vain. If I were to be pregnant again, you would be one of the first persons I would call, you would accompany us again .. !!


And so it happened. When Gerau was not even two years old, life surprises us with the arrival of another baby. I really wanted to give you the news ... I wanted you to join us again. I felt happy to have you close again.


Then the day arrived. After a long prelabour lived calmly, comes the moment of birth and this time we do it. Teo was born in the water, in the caul, after a fluid and intimate labour. You and Jordi were key .. your words, silences, hands, warm presence, respect, love .. gave me enough strength to go through this experience with the peace, security and confidence necessary to welcome Teo in the most calm, respectful and loving way I could ever have imagined.

Imma thank you! We love you, you are already part of our lives !!!

A huge hug !! "


Susana Brieba and Jordi Alba

Parents of Oriol, Guerau and

Teo, born 17/04/2015




"The pre-partum visits helped us to become aware of the gift we had in our hands, we were facing the birth with the best midwife we could have found, and with the certainty that we had learned well the theory thanks to the clarity of your explanations. Now we just had to put it into practice.

Although we finally could not have a home birth (Joan was born at week 35), we were lucky that you could accompany us. To us you were who really helped Joan to come to this word, from the hospital they did very little apart from ruining my second stage ... The encouragement you gave me, your confidence in me, your massages and your love, they meant all at that time. We will never be able to thank you enough. Thanks for being there !!

And the postpartum weeks ... I will always remember those syringes, the previous step needed before Joan would be strong enough to latch on my breast.

There are no words ... and now that I remember it all, my eyes get wet. We will miss you!! Hope to see you soon! And who knows, maybe we can finally set up the birthing pool in the living room ;-) You will be always in our hearts "


Nuria Pujol and Arnau Soy

parents of Joan, born 31/03/2015




“This is my first experience with a midwife/homebirth (actually my first birth), and I'm very happy and grateful that I was so fortunate to have you to assist me before, during and after the birth of my son.


Everything that could happen, and what would be necesary in forms of remedies, equipment etc, was well thought through. I truly felt that we were prepared for anything and everything, which is quite important for a mother to be.


You are professional, sincere, incredible caring, and well-educated in so many different areas of life, which made the whole experience of being pregnant and giving birth, to be like a walk in the park.”


Nina Olsen

Mother of Felix,

born 20/03/2015



"Dear Imma, I agree with what others parents say.... You are the perfect blend of sensitivity, tenderness, support, love, professionalism, seriousness and rationality.


After a medicated and mistreated birth with our first child, a not necessary caesarean section with our second child, we had very clear that Marta, our third daughter would be born in other conditions.

I studied at Mares Doules 4-5 years ago, and I think I had to do it in order to meet you, besides the positive and healing experience. It had to be you who would accompany us through such an important moment, and the whole family felt in love with your way of being and doing!


Thank you, Imma thank you for all we could experience. The birth at home in the pool, the loving pregnancy and the even more loving and respectful postpartum…

It was an intense birth, only 4 hours, and the girl weighed 4050gr with a "big head", you said, and a big placenta as well!!! After a few days I did not remember the pain, I have only the memory, for the rest of my life, of myself picking up my daughter with my arms before she was completely born, and we have almost never been apart since.


As for my husband, Quim, he says that once he has experienced it he will “recommend it to everyone", as it has been a very positive experience. My 10-year-old daughter says that she wants to have a home birth whenever she will become a mum ... but this is a story that should be written in a very distant future.


Imma, we love you very much, we have you present in our lives. Until forever.


Núria Escudero and Quim Genescà

Parents of Mar, Enric and

Marta, born 08/03/2015




"My partner and I went to visit Imma, pregnant a few weeks of our second daughter. For me it was very important to choose our midwife with plenty of time to interview several midwives and see how I felt. Imma was the first and last. After a long interview, we were out the door and Albert said ... We do not need to search any more, do we? We have found her ... So we cancelled all other interviews, we had midwife!


Having met so soon, it allowed us to meet again many times during pregnancy, every 4 weeks or so. We were gaining confidence and trust, I felt comfortable and in good company. It was essential her support by the third trimester scan when they told me that our daughter was macrosomic, percentile 95th. They began to threaten me with induction, and they scheduled another scan in 3 weeks’ time and again they said the baby’s weight was over 4 kg. They wanted to send me to a High Risk Obstetric Unit to visits with the endocrine doctor, to monitoring... This made me nervous. Imma and the midwife at the CAP told me the girl was normal just by touching my belly, but the threat of having to argue with everyone to have my wishes respected felt too much. .. it was not the time for that. I spoke to Imma, she reassured me on what I wanted and what I did not want. I felt strong and regained strength. The decision not to step in the CAP or the hospital again  came alone. I had all the evidence needed, scans, blood tests, streptococcus status and the confidence that everything would just follow the course needed.


The end of the pregnancy was hart, with 3 years old girl around, trips back and forth to school, park, carnival, school parties ... Imma was giving encouragement, saying it was normal that it felt hart; just what I needed to hear. And so the day was going to arrive, and at 40 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, at 3 in the morning I felt a contraction, they were irregular until 4am. At 4am, I woke Albert and passed 5 am we called Imma as contractions came every 4 minutes. At 5:30, she was with us. She had a strong presence, discreet, secure. Dressed entirely in white, holding me when I needed it, giving me water, massages, almost speechless, just what I wanted and needed. A strong team with Albert, they accompanied me contraction after contraction. Imma taking notes and listening in to Elsa’s heart. At 7 am, more or less, I started to push, and Imma became present. Once the head was out, (I was kneeling on the ground grabbing my partner) she said: turn around, with the next contraction, you will receive her. I said, I cannot turn, I am tired, and I am lazy. She insisted, and I did so, as I had never done since we had met when Elsa was no bigger than a pea  ...  They half-turned me together with Albert and with the next contraction Elsa came out of my body received by my own hands ... Something I will never thank Imma enough…, a marvellous memory, the best transition for my girl. The rest:  joy, excitement, the placenta, the evaluation of the perineum, tea and breakfast.


Postpartum, with some painful cracks. Imma was providential as lactation consultant helping me, changing positions, accompanying and the problem was solved. With the last postpartum visit, we saw her leaving with sadness, closing a cycle and beginning another one.


I recommend her a thousand times, with my eyes closed. Anyone doubting should go to meet her, maybe you will not need to see any other midwife! Imma, thank you for joining us in this unique moment, you will always be part of the family! "


Angela Garcia Sanz

Mother of Emma and

Elsa, born  04/03/2015



"For us it was very important to have a respected childbirth and to be in good hands. We chose Imma after searching various options and the result has been exellent. We did not have the childbirth we had dreamed of: a natural birth at home. We ended up with a cesarean delivery with previous forceps trial, because the small Elia did not come down. However, we are very happy!. Imma accompanied us throughout the birth, for more than 42 weeks of pregnancy, during the pre-labour weeks and through the doubts and fears of our first childbirth. We wanted to have a good memory of our daughter’s birth and thanks to Imma’s professionalism and empathy, sensitivity and safety we have been able to have it. Thank you, Imma, for letting us to have a say and to choose everything, for being with us in a very important moment of our lives, better to say the most important moment of our lives. We will keep toasting with champagne! "


Georgina De Yebra and Àlex Ballester

Parents of Èlia,

born 08/02/2015



"When we knew we were expecting a child we felt immense happiness, yet we fell on top of an endless onslaught of questions about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. One of the major issues that we considered was how we wanted to give birth. We began to look seriously at the home birth option but we felt between "we know that it is the option that makes us happy" and being scared because of ignorance and social pressure. We immediately contacted you. As soon as we met we knew for certain that you were the person we were looking for, it could not be anyone else. Since that first visit until the day you discharged us, you have accompanied us in every way: you have been our reference in medical issues, you have been our friend, you have resolved all our doubts, you have always supported us when we felt lost and alone ...


Imma, one can see that you love your profession, and work with Love. You are the perfect blend of affection, understanding and firmness. Which allowed us to feel accompanied with much warmth but always feeling the safety of a person who says things clearly and knows what she does. When you explain things you always base yourself in science but treating people you convey proximity and a humanity that is often difficult to find.


Birth was a magical experience, unique and unforgettable. All women should be able to experience a home birth because it changes you forever. After Birth I will never be the same person. I experienced indescribable sensations. As a person I feel more complete and confident in life, I have even changed the concept of pain. As a woman I strengthened my femininity and fully experienced my animal instincts. As the couple I believe that experiencing birth in such a natural and spontaneous way brings us even closer. Moreover, the fact that the father can participate actively in the birth of his baby may also allow to build a very special bond with the baby from the start.

Both have felt free, capable, able to make decision and active members in the process. Now we can safely say that having you there for Lúa’s birth is one of the best decisions we have taken. I can assure you that whether we meet again or not, I will never forget what you have done for us..


Thanks for bringing out the best of us. "


Alba Rodríguez and Paco Romero

Parents of Lua,

born 10/02/2015




"We met Imma through Clara Vergés, from “associació de Mares Doules” I was 32 weeks pregnant. It was my second pregnancy. After a first birth through private healthcare where I was treated with contempt and without any consideration, ending with an emergency caesarean after an attempted induction, I realized that the second pregnancy was going to finish the same way. Half way through the pregnancy my gynecologist started to generate a lot of mistrust, and was not attending any of my wishes for the birth. It was when, in the midst of anxiety and nerves, I decided I had to make a change and try to find the way childbirth was the most humane possible and have the chance to give birth as a woman.


Finding Imma was the best thing that could happen. The closeness, the sincerity she speaks with, how secure she speaks about her profession and how she transmits, trust and affection, her availability 24 hours a day, knowing that she is always there and you're in good hands and she will not fail you, are some of the many features that define her. I do not have words to express the gratitude I feel towards her. I can only say that there are no midwives like her and having her as a midwife is to be in the best hands possible. She feels her profession and lives it intensely, always looking for excellence in what she does.


I initially hired her to go to the hospital to give birth, but after a process of lerning about birth, helping me know my body, my capabilities and making me feel a woman rid of the fears that had distressed me the first time, I decided that the best place to receive my daughter was at home, in a quiet and private environment, and with confidence and trust in Imma and my husband by my side. Everything went very well. The delivery was very long and the pain and waiting to see my daughter was hard, but I gave birth with dignity, with love, did skin to skin, cut the umbilical cord once all the blood had gone to the baby, and breastfed my daughter from minute one.

I can not ask for more. Thank you Imma for making me feel a Person, a Woman and a Mother. Thank you for always being by my side when I needed you. "


Gemma Espasa

mother of Ignasi and

Mariona, born 09/01/2015



"It was love at first sight. After our first meeting, I knew clearly that it would be you, Imma, who would help lead the dance of our birth!

What I liked most, and you showed it in the magic moment, was the perfect balance between decision and tenderness.

We do not have any complaints. Everything was great and fast, we will remember you as the white angel with cinnamon smell!

As Albert said: "This world would be better if there were more women like you!”

Grazie mille beautiful, you always have you in our hearts! "


Ester Piccinotti and Albert Cerda

parents of Asia

born 11/11/2014



"Alex had it clear from the first time we met: "We will see more midwives if you want, but it will be Imma", he said. And so it was ... the best choice of our life. WE would not have managed without you.

You accompany us at all times and you gave us strength and security to overcome all obstacles when others (professionals, family, etc ...) tried to dissuade us from trying a home birth having had a previous caesarean section.

You, however, helped us believe we could do it .... so much that, during labour we were not afraid. We did not hesitate at any time even though it was long and intense; we knew that we would do it.

Thanks for not surrendering, thanks for your strength, your love and affection. Above all, thank you for guiding us during the most exciting moment of our lives.

We achieved our dream ... VBAC at home, at its own pace, with privacy and all the love in the world.

Imma, thanks, we love you!


Myriam Sanchez and Alex Barba

parents of Alex

and Arlett 07/11/2014



"I am grateful for helping me accomplish one of my dreams: to have my son at home, in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Thank you for helping me to have a superb birth, with your always discreet but strong presence, knowing what to say, where to touch,  so that everything flows with peace and tranquillity, and therefore birth becomes a wonderful experience.

I already got a lot of support during pregnancy and postpartum with Oriol. You were always so loving and attentive. I did not hesitate for a moment to call you back so you could accompany me for Nil’s birth.

I wish everyone to enjoy the Birth experience as we have, as any fear or doubt that we had just undoes itself with your security and professionalism.

I think I chose the best person to help me in this experience; excellent midwife, excellent doula and, most of all, excellent person.

Thanks for helping me fulfil my dream! "


Cristina Gutierrez and Sergi Alvarez

parents of Oriol

and Nil, born 31/10/2014



"Imma has two qualities hard to combine; professionalism and emotionality, that is to say, proximity and tenderness while being firm and determined."


Cristina Martin de Nicholas and  Jordi Bastús

parents of Emma

and  Naia, born 20/07/2014 



"We felt very comfortable with Imma. Each visit has inspired us a lot of confidence, but especially during childbirth, during which she was discreet and professional. Her actions were silent and carried out in the background, without interrupting the process that we lived. However, she was always present as a guide or to ask her anything. "


Layla Palomo and Daniel Burgos

Hana's parents, born 07/07/2014



"Imma Sàrries has been a gift that life has placed in our way to live a dream birth, where, Oliver, our first child, was born. It was a magical experience, as we would never have imagined. Imma has given us throughout pregnancy safety, tranquility, generosity and love. She has attended all our questions, and listened and supported us in everything that concerned us. Birth was the result of a lovely way we have lived with her, toped up with a very happy end. We would not have ever imagined the connection and trust that has inspired us this excellent professional. Childbirth has flowed as a river and we are sure it has been possible thanks to the peace we felt bring our baby into the world with Imma; we knew we were on good hands. When facing the obstacles that have arisen in the postpartum, Imma has supported us as a mother who loves unconditionally, making us reflect on tough times, listening, respecting and valuing our learning.

There are no words to describe our gratitude to this great person, friend and professional. It has been a great life learning and transformative experience. Imma, we love you, you will always be in our lives and in Oliver’s. "


Eva Álvarez and David Vázquez

Parents of Oliver, born 11/06/2014




"Imma is an excellent midwife. She is not only extremely professional but she also has a human quality that exceeds the expectations of any woman. One of the things that was attractive to us when deciding who would be our midwife, was that she had received specific training for home deliveries (for me, I'm a doctor, this was quite important).


During labor, facing any possible risk, she had very clear protocol performances, and that made us feel very safe. Was also very attentive to our more subtle emotional needs before, during and after childbirth, making everything flow in the best way possible.


Breast-feeding was very complicated. Imma, showed to be an expert on the subject, but she also accompanied us until the problem was completely solved. My baby was already a month and a half old when she discharged us (and surely would have stayed longer with us if it had been required!).


We are totally happy with the care provided, and believe there is no one better qualified than Imma.”


Lorena Arnez and Juan Fanals

Parents of Daniel and

Maria, born on 01/06/2014



"My eldest son taught me that you can fight for your dreams and they may come true ...

A beautiful path, accompanied by Imma, she offer her hand and blured our fears away, and thus, step by step, we become aware of the beauty of the way, and the magic of the moment that was to come. I gave birth to our daughter at home as we had hoped and imagined ... the dream became true. Imma, thank you for being in our lives during such essential time, thank you for your respect and love. "


Silvia Moreno

Mother of Xavi

and Ona, born 04/01/2014




"The day I met Imma I knew it was HER. She would be the person next to me on the journey for the arrival of... Ariel...


With the clarity and transparency that characterizes her, with the utmost respect and informing us of all the options we had at all times to be able to choose when complications arose.


She never missed words of encouragement and solutions to move forward with the project to give birth at home; although my history got complex at times. She gave strength to my hormones that eventually danced alone with the fears that were instilled in me by other  " "professionals" "  (double quotation marks ... no words) of the health sector. Imma and Ferran (my partner) helped me get back to my path when I diverted from it.


After all, when you are clear about what you want and fight for it, if you surround yourself with good people who can help, all goes well, even if there are last minute complications .


Imma introduced us to Loida, a lovely doula who would take care of our older son Genis when the time came. She could enjoy and help during labour and went to pick up Genis at school ...  I am eternally grateful for her human qualities .


Labour lasted four hours. Fast yes, but also intense. Ariel came with shoulder dystocia. His shoulder got stuck in my pelvis. Imma did not doubt. She performed the maneuver that would leave us both intact. I fully trusted her, since she does not allow herself a single mistake; she helped me to help Ariel out ...  with a very happy ending.

Imma you are a gift.

Thank you for this experience. Something will be united between us forever. "


Cris Fernandez

Mother of Genis

and Ariel , born 25/03/2014


"I can only say thank you for all you have given us, security, tranquility, peace , trust and encouragement. I can not imagine a better way to welcome Aniol. Thank you for knowing what I needed at all times, you looks, words, the strong but discreet presence. Thank you for joining us in this beautiful way and helping us to live Aniol’s arrival with peace and respect. Thank you, thank you and thank you! "


Helena Todó

Mother of Berta

and Aniol , born 21/03/2014


"I close my eyes, the familiar smell of the trunk  burning slowly but relentlessly, the warmth of the fireplace and the playful light of its flames, singing and rhythmic breaths that come together delicately to screams of effort of the mother expecting her fruit  with love, passion, tenderness and respect,… these are the words that describe the experience you have helped us to live forever ... thank you. "


Cesc Martorell

Father of Berta

and Aniol , born 21/03/2014


"Thanks for helping me Imma to live the most magical moment of my life and for reminding me that women are able to give birth. We just need respect, freedom and privacy to do it. "


Ma Rosa Fernández

Mother of Pau

and Ada, born 03/03/2014

"There is a dim light on in my room while I am in labour... Suddenly an angel in white lights my being, I feel safe, confident and I am grateful for being a woman. I keep walking, and read:

"The wonderful thing about dreams is that sometimes they happen"

 written on the head of my bed, I stop, here comes another contraction ... I notice relief when "my" angel puts its hands on my lower back, its sound, its breathing, now I am with you and now I am blurring in the room ... "I should drink water," I open my eyes and see a fountain in the shape of a bottle "my" angel brings me without speaking ... The time has arrived, heartbeats accelerate ... "no,not here, it would be better in the room "...

"It ends the same way it begins ..."

Thanks Imma, for being "my angel" while accomplishing the most wonderful dream of my life. "


Soraya Diaz

mother of Paula, Pol

and Jana, born 08/02/2014

" After visiting several midwives for my homebirth , we went to see Imma, was love at first sight , we knew that she would be the chosen one to help us bringing Luc to  the world.

We fell in love with her, her words, her respect and love during pregnancy. At the time of delivery was perfect, 10 out of 10 ...  I never felt afraid of being at home, and I really mean never. I knew she was a professional and that gave me confidence and strength to bring my baby into my arms .

I would repeat the experience a 100 times and I would always choose  you, Imma. We’lll never have enough words to thank you for making us feel so happy. 1000 thanks for all !!!


Raquel Perez

mother of Adrià, Patxi

and Luc, born 01/02/2014


"As an experience , unrepeatable , recommended 100% ... As a father since I have always known since I was a child, I did not want to leave my wife alone or my son, I did not know if it would be possible but if the thought of not being there stressed me a lot. With information you learn that there is no reason to leave them, but not everyone tells you. Imma told us they should respect us in the hospital as well ... and I do not know if everyone knows this ... It is important to choose and we chose to do it at home with Imma. ( The first day we met her, on leaving her place , my wife and I looked at each other and said " its her " we had met five more midwives , but it was her) and really it is the best  decision we ever made. As a father I was informed of everything at all times, accompanied at all times, and always respecting what I wanted.  I am infinitely grateful for the experience that I lived, I would not change it for anything. Infinite thanks Imma !!! "


Pere Guijarro

father of Luc, born 02/01/2014




"For me, it was essencial the practicality and safety Imma showed to me. From the first moment I felt comfortable and confident. Throughout pregnancy and childbirth I felt very accompanied with full availability from her. She knew how to be in the right measure in all situations.


I have only grateful words for helping me feel so proud of myself and be aware of my power and strength. "


Laia Saborido

mother of Xenia, born 29/12/2013



"Dear Imma,

I feel very lucky to have had you near me during the birth of my second daughter. You guided me in a wonderful way throughout the process. In every moment felt perfect synchrony between what I felt I needed and the help you gave me. I admire the amount of resources you have to help labour run smoothly; different postures, breathing to avoid pain taking me away, the support of your hands on the lower back during each contraction, the little push to get through each stage I had to face throughout labour, etc...I am very lucky to have enjoyed this total care and thanks for having made birth a unique and beautiful experience. I hope to have you as a midwife if I get pregnant again! No doubt you are perfect in your job, you help women feel able to have children and become mothers through their body and potential. With much gratitude. "


Joana Robert

Mother of Ixchel

and Joia, born 16/12/2013

"Every woman should be able to give birth with privacy and respect. All women should be able to give birth without haste, without unnecessary interventions and without fear, only this way we would give birth in happy and loving deliveries.


But the reality is that not all professionals taking care of us look after these needs and many of us suffer "non-traumatic " or even traumatic births . And we must not settle for a "non-traumatic " birth, we do not have to settle with our healthy baby. So many of us make decisions that may seem extreme (according to some people). That's why some of us prefer the warmth of our home to welcome our children.


I lived an unforgettable experience that I am very proud of and very happy about. I would not change it for all the gold in the world. I gave birth to my little girl in my living room in the birthing pool as I had imagined in my mind and in my heart. It was a romantic, peaceful and beautiful birth. You can read the full story of my birth at:


Desiré Capataz

Mother of Paula

and Julia, born 03/12/2013

"What a great privilege to have met Imma! We are very happy and get very emotional every time I think on the birth day.

Imma was next to us during the entire pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum in a respectful, warm, loving, sensitive and firm way, with a lot of rigor and professionalism. It was what we wanted: a professional who guided us in our questions, providing us with all the information so we could decide freely all the time.


Imma, thank you for beinge next to us on the most important day of our lives, thank you for offering your hands, thank you for your discreet presence which gave us the security and intimacy we wanted. Thank you! "


Clara Lago and Roger Prat

parents of Elna, born 11/21/2013

"For me the hardest part was not the delivery. The hardest thing was just before. My due date had passed and my daughter gave no signs of wanting to come. Days went by and soon we arrived at 42 weeks.


The pressure from the hospital to induce labour, the lack of humanity of the doctors who attended me, along with the threats I received these 15 days will remain engraved in my memory forever.

And here is where Imma helped me most. With her  understanding, her tranquility the peace and  strength she gave me, but above all , above all, a detail that I liked a lot was the respect she showed towards me.


When I told her I could not anymore and I had decided that I would let them induce labour if I had not delivered  in 3 days, she said: , " Whatever you decide is fine. It is your decision, your delivery, your baby. And I give you support whatever you will decide. " It says a lot about her, I think. I was frustrated, I felt guilty and a bad mother for giving in to external pressures. I could not believe that at the end I had fallen into the trap of fear. Her words comforted me. Seeing things in a different was made me feel good. I do not know if it was because I relaxed or simply because the time had come, but that day, on week 42 plus 1 day,  my daughter decided to come into the world. It was a very good and fast delivery. I 'm very happy that at the end it has been like this . Respecting my daughter’s time,  respecting my body, at home, she and I worked together for a common purpose . Thank you Imma . "


Adaia Teruel

mother of Otto

and Mouna, born 02/11/2013


"Our home birth was neither easy nor quick: Quirze was born in occipito-posterior position after 84h of breaking waters. It was a test in many ways : To me as a woman, as birthing mammalian, as a mother, for us as a couple and emerging parents, and for our son was the litmus test that led him to life.


It was not easy for Imma either, but she amply demonstrated that she was the midwife who could manage it better and join us in this harsh and extraordinary experience. She helped us face the fear of making the hard decision of staying home or going to the hospital (how easy it is when others decide for you and so you avoid the responsibility and fear involved !). With love and patience she allowed and respected the time I and my child needed to become a new distinct being, he as son, me as mother. Delivering and being born, a transcendent event Imma treated with the delicacy and professionalism required.


Imma, I will be eternally grateful for helping us deliver our child in a non-traumatic way, and for allowing love and respect to become part of his DNA. Without you he would be different, because the traumatic birth that was waiting for us in the hospital would have changed his character, personality and the depth of his soul . With all our heart".


Clara and Jordi

Parents of Quirze, born 18/10/2013

" Imma , I'm glad of that talk at the civic center , it was decisive to decide end that if he had a third child it would be home. This decision was an important step in the process from Pau’s birth ( the eldest ) to Rut (the youngest ) , in this process we had to go looking for answers to our concerns, because very often the more conventional  answers and practices were not useful .

This pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum has nothing to do with what I had experienced before . Throughout the process I felt safe and confident , I had no fear or doubt, I knew we were doing the best for our daughter and for us, and respecting our rhythms would give us a fantastic physiological birth. This, together with your support and professionalism guaranteed success.


We are left with the tranquility of our house, how I laughed in spite of contractions on the couch , with the very moment I took our daughter, with the " placenta class " you gave us,  with sleeping in our own bed, oh   how different to the hospital ! With your care during the postpartum ( the phone calls ) , knowing that if we needed you would come (that gave us a lot of confidence , we were not alone, we could count on your support ) , and Pau’s and Nuria’s faces the day after the birth, when they got out of bed to go to school as usual , but with a little sister !


I recommend the experience. In your talk you said that a woman should give birth wherever she feels more secure and confident and I believe that no hospital can make me feel better than in my own house . Thank you ! "


Ilu Moreno and Jordi Gomez

parents of Pau , Nuria

and Rut , born 25/09//2013

" Trust , honesty , complicity ... A good mix of what you need in such a special moment. Thank you for joining us , Imma . "


Txell Solé and Oriol Prat

parents of Aina

and Max , born 09/17/2013

" Everything we wanted for our son's birth was more than satisfied: we have felt very confident at all times, respected and loved.


Imma proposed alternatives ( at birth ) that made us feel more comfortable and they worked perfectly .


We are proud and happy to have shared this experience with you, Imma, you have given us so much awareness, trust and love. Without you, It would not have been possible to have such a wonderful childbirth, nor it would have been so easy ( considering Madaix’s weight  4,700gr) which could have been much more difficult.


You have been our light before, during and after childbirth .


For us it has been a privilege to have you as a midwife, you are what I have been looking for and thought did not exist,, all in one .


You will always be in our hearts. We’ll never forget you.  

Infinitely grateful . "


Barbara Orús and Jordi Tornés                                                               

parents of Ariana

and Madaix, born 14/09/2013

"Since I got pregnant I knew Imma was going to be my midwife as this time it would be a homebirth. The pregnancy was wonderful, a pleasure, without any complications or concerns, Fanis did everything easy and Imma was present throughout this time. A hot August day I woke up and started to lose water. I knew the day had come! But until the did not start until night time, I was a little stressed because I was streptococcus positive and decided not to take antibiotics. I remember I was home alone and had a telephone conversation with Imma. She told me that I should not spend more than 18horas with waters gone and recommended having oral antibiotic. I started to cry a lot. I talked to Fanis and told him he would have to come as we had done a very nice way to spoil the end! And then intense contractions started. We notify Imma and she soon arrived. I got in my cave and did not come out from it any more, the increasingly intense contractions . I felt Imma’s silent presence by my side. I felt my partner was calm (he later told me he saw Imma so calm he was calm too ), which inspired me much peace despite the strong contractions. I remember only once I asked if there was still time for the antibiotic deadline I had to take, and with a smile he said yes, there was much time left. The contractions were increasing, everything was very fluid and at some point I felt my body was asking me to push. I said nothing but Imma already detected the change and asked if I wanted to change positions and get on the couch close by. I started to push and felt that was getting closer to hold my baby. I pushed and Imma guided me until she told me to take my baby, then I got up as I was on all fours and took Fanis ! An unforgettable moment, a moment where time stopped ! Imma left us alone to get to meet eachother and then was present for the detachment of the placenta. Was a wonderful experience and our family is very grateful to Imma! Thank you from my heart! "


Maria Mantzakou

Mother of Ariadni

and Fanis , born 23/08/2013

"I thank you so much for being next to me in this wonderful moment of my life. Especially for the confidence you conveyed to me and for how you encouraged me, so that on those moments of weakness I would never stop believing in myself. Thank you!!


Maia Planas

mother of Martina

and Biel, born 15/07/2013

"... all what a woman needs during this time, much more than vitamins and warnings, is serenity and calmness, the certainty that she has her own resources to help her child during pregnancy to arrive healthy and cheerful to our world .


Nobody can give you serenity and calmness, you have to look inside yourself ... What is certain is that it  is much easier to connect with yourself if you have a wise and gentle guide who accompanies you and smoothes away the way in the maze of new and unexpected emotions and feelings -both positive and negative -...


And Imma for me is the person who was able to support me in this way ...

She has the perfect blend of competence and accuracy in parallel with high intuition. She said always (but always!) a phrase at some point in the conversation which magically put everything in place so that everything fitted. And so for months, before reaching the delivery, I started getting the feeling of becoming prepared and calm. It was the same with my partner.


Bach said in one of his letters, that playing piano is very easy - you just have to press the right key at the right time with the right finger and weight. Well, it's a bit the same ...


Also her sense of humour, she helps things to feel lighter... and at one point nothing seems impossible, but it remains a challenge. On the other hand she was always very honest, in the sense that she never tried to reduce the impact and  importance of things, which made me feel (and my partner too) more responsible for my actions and my decisions, favouring our autonomy.


Her resources have been very important too... in the most difficult moments for me, she knew how to observe and what to propose, listening to my voice and accompanying me in the most beneficial way for me ... In addition, she has very rapid response, always present ...


Something important: I felt total confidence towards her. I knew at a very intuitive level that we were tremendously linked.


And the truth is that she was a sort of guardian angel: always near by, always accompanying, never invasive, never absent. Always strong and sweet (as I imagine guardian angels), as I already know one, luckily!! and  I even have her mobile number”.



mother of Tigran, born 26/06/2013

"Despite being my third delivery, Imma’s contribution was very important and special for the birth of our son Genís.


Imma is a 3 in 1. During childbirth and after birth she is a midwife, a doula and a friend. Once birth was over, there was no sign of labour at home, but me with my baby on my chest resting on the couch. During labour she keeps track of the mother and baby well being as if she was 3 or 4 professionals working at a time, while still accompanying, being present and connected. An excellent capacity of organisation.


When you have worked with her, you realize that Imma not only is a great person, with a lot of empathy and intuition, but she has got grate skills, training and experience. She is a brilliant professional, both talking from my emotion as well as being objective. "


Belen and David                                                                                                         

parents of Clara, Aroa

and Genís, born 01/06/2013


"From the moment I decided I did not want to give birth in any way and that the BIRTH of my daughter should be a special moment, I started searching, until I met Imma. She was the person who gave us confidence and the trust we needed to find. We found a great PROFESSIONAL, serious, rigorous ... and yet, a simple, friendly, close and completely involved PERSON, the perfect combination to accompany the most important moment of our life, the birth of our daughter.


Everything was new and unknown to us, but with Imma was very easy. Fears, doubts, uncertainties .. gradually dissipated, and when the time came I felt completely safe and capable of giving birth without anyone intervening in the process, and with the certainty that needles, scissors and other tools had no place in the scene. So we welcomed our daughter the way we wished. We received her in the most strict PRIVACY and in a CALM, TENDER, LOVING, WARM AND RESPECTFUL space.


We only have words of gratitude for giving us your hand, listening to us and giving us the needed strength every moment we needed it. Thanks for guiding us and being next to us in the most magical moment of our life. THANK YOU, IMMA! "


Manel and Laia

Bruna's parents, born 02/05/2013

"From the moment I knew I was pregnant I imagined the birth of our son only like this: intimate, relaxed, natural, in a cozy atmosphere, with very few people next to me and especially respected. I wished to be respected at all times in our decisions and actions. All this was possible thanks to Imma: she is professional, approachable, modest, sincere, loves his job and gives off an enormous love.


Our delivery was even better as I imagined, I felt very free and accompanied at all times. I have never been so present. I was aware of every minute and every second I got closer to see our baby, with its ​​pain and rest, with its cries and tears, with music and dance, with its laughter. And most of all I was very aware of the moment our baby came out of my belly. It was the most beautiful experience  I have ever lived.


Imma thank you very much for making this possible, thank you for believing in me from day one and for devoting body and soul to us. Heartfelt thanks.

We love you. "


Karol Vidal and Victor,

Kai's parents, born 09/03/2013


"Being accompanied by Imma during the birth....was the  adjusted help, just what we needed. We felt  her close at all times, her encouraging words, feeling that everything was progressing well, his warm hands with each contraction, the smell of herbs .... Her professionalism gave us great confidence. There was a climate of trust, mutual trust between all of us who were there. We feel she has satisfied our needs of respect and sensitivity. Thank you!”


Marti and Dunia

parents of Adriana

and Valentina, born 12/02/2013




"It was really a pleasure to meet Imma, despite we met on the final stages of pregnancy. Until then we had visited a gynaecologist who was not reassuring me but making us nervous and we became concerned with his inappropriate comments. Imma instead explained things naturally and gave us peace of mind. It helped us a lot and we felt very safe at all times.


Labour was longer and more complicated than initially expected, but even so, her professional and, above all, very human treatment, gave us great confidence and strength. At all times we were informed of the evolution of the process, she always asked permission if he thought a vaginal examination was needed. When the time came, she explained that the situation got complicated and it was not safe to remain at home.


As soon as our daughter was born she came to see the hospital and helped us a lot with breastfeeding. Thanks to her we have managed to have a successful breastfeeding experience. We do not know how it would have been without her in the hospital, since they talked  to me about breastfeeding on the second day of my daughter’s life.


Her postpartum visits and calls have allowed us to be more relaxed and enjoy the experience. We asked many questions  and she called us to see how we were doing. It is comforting to know that you have a knowledgeable person next to you reachable at all times.


Having hired her services was the best decision we made throughout pregnancy. We will certainly repeat the experience with her.


Thank you for everything, Imma! "


Vanessa Lantigua and Joel Centelles

parents of Ainet, born 06/03/2013

"Today all doubts and insecurities of pregnancy are in the past, but at that point Imma’s support was the only thing that could comfort me.


Childbirth, pain and finally the birth of my little son: Imma always knew what to say, what to do, how to help. The professionalism she transmitted during pregnancy consultations allowed me to relax and trust on her and her decisions during childbirth. Now we are very grateful for the dedicated and delicate support we got during this great adventure and we will always remember Imma with a lot of affection.


To anyone wanting a home birth: I wish you such a wonderful delivery as the one I had.”


Dani Marsakov

mother of Devin, born 29/12/12

"A few weeks ago we lived one of the most fascinating experiences: we became parents for the second time and had the great fortune to be accompanied by a professional, friendly and totally committed woman. She defends home birth because, as she reminded us, giving birth is the culmination of an act of love and it should be lived naturally and without fear, prioritizing above all, the safety of mother and baby.


..... After visiting several hospitals, clinics and gynaecologists I realized that today, the only way to have a "respected" and truly natural childbirth is to deliver at home and that's how we met. In addition to her, we saw other midwives but from the first interview, she conveyed us rigor, enthusiasm, complicity, professionalism, warmth and sensitivity. She accompanied us at all times, helping us to overcome doubts and fears, monitoring and controlling our well being to confirm that everything was well to carry out a home birth. We felt always accompanied, with the comfort and safety she conveys being spontaneous and sincere, not only because she has accompanied hundreds of families in this wonderful adventure, but also because she gave birth to her children naturally and at home.


It also seems that being an excellent midwife is not enough for her, because she keeps updating her knowledge in practice, theory and through the experience of their customers. She knows that a large number of births is not enough, it is important to be updated with the latest research and to receive constant feedback from the families she has been with.


Today home birth is almost a luxury, but with someone like Imma, giving birth is also a fortune! I invite you to meet her and listen to her and if you can have a home birth, no doubt you will feel just as fortunate as those who have met Imma. If you want more information, you can contact us, she has our details . "


Tziranda and Alex Tesei

parents of Nico and

Georgie born 26/11/12

"The first night with Irene I could barely stand the pain. I just kept asking for more painkillers. They asked me if I wanted them to take my daughter away so I could rest. I was so devastated that I accepted.


The first night, Laura was only minutes old but I had sleepless hours. During labor I just wanted it all to end and get some sleep. However, that night I did not sleep as happiness (and hormones) got rid of the tiredness.


The first one was the worst day of my life, the second one was the best. The first one was an unnecessary cesarean, an operating room cold and alone.  The other one was a home birth with my beloved. I owe the difference to Imma.


Imma was respectful and attentive from the first interview at his place. She encouraged me during pregnancy and resolved my doubts. She was with me throughout the process, either by phone or at home. Imma accompanied me from the first visit to the end of the postpartum.”


Yolanda Bolós

mother of Irene

and Laura born 14/10/12


“After two not-very-respected births (an unnecessary c-section and a fully-medicalised vaginal birth -VBAC) I wanted to give my third, and probably last, baby a special welcome. A birth that would reconcile us all, as a family, with the most natural side of being born. I chose Imma for this very special moment, and I knew I hade made the right choice from the first meeting: warm and available, she reassured me at every step in my belief that I could give birth, every time that my daughter was in funny positions or when I had to hear comments from health care workers only too eager to interfere with the natural development of my pregnancy.


And she was perfect: Imma went along with our birth process, being there when I needed her or becoming "invisible" when I wanted to be alone, respecting and covering my needs and wishes, without leaving aside safety and profesionalism. Imma encouraged my eldest daughter to witness the birth of her little sister, for which I am enourmously grateful, because she may have found her call and because, in any case, my 8 y.o. girl has learned a valuable lesson: giving birth is natural and normal for women.


After the birth she was with us, helping with the start of breastfeeding, which was not easy.


Imma's warmth and professionalism were key to get my husband to accept, first, the idea and then, the reality of having a homebirth. He has now understood why I needed this kind of birth, and the enormous difference between going to the hospital and staying at home; I think he's "converted" now!


I am grateful to Imma for all this, for her unsurpassable poise, and I'm sure that her availability and support made my birth easier, because I learned to believe that it could be so, despite what everyone else may say or think.

Thanks for helping me trust myself and my baby!”


Valeria Lagos and Gordon Downie

parents of Alma, Angus

and Sira, born 20/11/12


“...It is amazing how doubts, insecurities and fears I had some months ago, disappeared completely through the pre-natal visits as the moment was getting closer…I remembered our meetings with Imma, our phone calls, and how her words helped me washing off anything interfering in the good labour. And little by little I was growing as a woman, mother and mammal…


…the moment was coming and Imma was there with her regard, her delicate gestures, her security and confidence, giving me all the strength needed to accomplish my wish… is very difficult to put words to an accomplished wish as one had dreamed it could be, it is incredible…


…Aroa was born as we wished, next to her family: her mum, dad and sister, the presence of Ingrid and that of a great professional, Imma, who has been and will be much more than just a midwife.


When Aroa was born I remember Imma saying “take your daughter” and there I was, feeling like the biggest women in the world…Judit the Giant…welcoming not only my daughter, but very strong experiences and emotions yet to arrive, where Imma has been present, giving us support, being next to us at all moments, without any hurry, with respect, empathy and above all Love, a lots of Love…


Many thanks for everything, we will never forget it…”


Jose and Judit

parents of Ainara and

Aroa born on 04/10/12


The full version can be read in Spanish at:!142&cid=035e3156aa079fbb


"I do not believe on coincidences, therefore I think of Imma’s support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum  as a life’s present.
A mother-doula-midwife, what else could I ask for?

Professional, loving, respectful, firm, wise and effective!

She has been our guide in moments of doubt, and the perfect companion in our daughter’s welcome party: her delivery. We could not be more grateful!


No doubt we will repeat with our next children!

Basha and David

parents of Kione, born on 28/09/12

"India was born on June 13. For us, her arrival was a moment that from the beginning we wanted to experience intensely from the beiginning, in the most intimate possible way. We read, seek for information, and the place (birth centers) or person (midwife) more suitable for joining us on this trip. From the moment we met Imma we knew undoubtedly, that she was the person with whom we would share our delivery.


To me it was very important to give birth next to someone I felt confident with, not only professionally but someone with sensitivity, with love, with passion and absolute respect towards us.


It's been three months and I still do not know how to explain how important was her presence for me before, during and especially after delivery, always attentive to my feelings and needs. For me it was a very important support throughout the postpartum and lactation. As one reads in other testimonials, Imma suddenly becomes a friend, sister, mother and lifelong companion.


We keep thinking and feeling that somehow she will always be part of our little family.


Now that I am a mother and I gave birth as I desired, I think it is essencial for every woman to have a midwife at her side providing confidence, peace, love, empathy and affection throughout the entire process.


Thank you for everything Imma..”


Julia and Ferran

parents of India, born on 13/06/2012

“Since I got pregnant I though about how I wanted my childbirth to be…and I always had the very same image…calmness, peace, trust, privacy and quietness..

…Receiving your support from the moment we decided we wanted you to accompany us, was amazing. Your trust on us, your sincere, professional, humane, clear words...your company in the most difficult moment for me and especially knowing you would be with us until the end, gave me such confidence that I'm sure it helped me go into labour ...

When I had Tomás in my arms, after a few hours taking care of him and having told him I was looking forward to see him, I realized that I had not look for any other midwife because my heart told me it was you, and that image that I envisioned when I thought of our childbirth... it was really our childbirth!!!


It would be unfair not to give credit for our childbirth to Tomás, David, Martina and myself, but it would also be unfair not to acknowledge your support, your firm presence, your clear, real and sincere words, your patient smile, your simplicity, your work, SO PROFESSIONAL, and above all YOUR GREAT MOTHER’s AND WOMAN’s HEART…you are amazing ... and I WILL THANK YOU ALWAYS FOR BEING NEXT TO US IN THIS WONDERFUL LIFE EXPERIENCE. WE LOVE YOU AND WISH THAT MANY FAMILIES WILL BE ABLE TO GET YOUR SUPPORT! "


Maria Capell

mother of Martina and

Tomás, born 11/06/12



"Both the visits at your place and the ones at our home were very cordial, professional, very sincere and friendly. The talks a few days before childbirth increased my confidence. Your professionalism and simplicity on the childbirth day will help me remember that moment, from my small contribution, as a unique and unforgettable moment, difficult to explain. Your time with us is for me as a journey full of good memories. Thanks Imma. "


David Tregón

father of Martina and

Tomás, born 11/06/12


“Thanks to Imma we felt very safe to birth our child as we wished. She was very attentive and loving, she has been always here whenever we have needed her or we have had doubts.

Marc’s birth has been a very beautiful and intense experience. I believe we would have never been able to imagine a birth was something so beautiful and natural. It would not be possible unless there would be people like you.

I hope we will meet again some day if we decide to have a third child. A big kiss from all of us!!”


Raquel González

Mother of  Aroa

and Marc, born 07/04/12

"Each time I remember how my daughter was born, pleasant sensations fill my heart, mind and body. My face lights up and I feel a happiness which I have only ever felt when my second son was born. Thanks to this childbirth I have discovered another person within me and I wouldn´t change a thing about how it all happened because I know the process was not manipulated and everything occured in the right order; and if there were many contractions then that´s because we needed them. I have the impression that my midwife, Imma, carried out the functions of oh so many different roles which I needed at that time: she was my sister, mother, friend, and all the while she was such an amazing professional caregiver; she worked in such a way that I felt free at all times but monitored. I´m sure you could live a similar experience in a hospital environment; all you need to do is acknowledge the necessity, respect the rights of the mothers and their babies and want to do it. I feel privileged to have discovered another way of giving birth despite how I came across it. During all the time that Imma has been at my side I have received the best care after childbirth that a woman could need or wish for. Our home will always be open for her; we have so much to thank her that the payment of her services is mere paperwork. We are so grateful that there are still professional caregivers with vocation continuously updating themselves."


Lucy Lo Cascio

Mother of Santo, Humberto

and Amy Jo, born 08/03/12

"Getting to know Imma, and being able to have her next to us during our daughter’s birth has been a grate present for us. You gave us confidence from the very beginning, security and calmness, during pregnancy as well as during labour, birth and the postpartum.

Thank you Imma for your respectful being, for your professionalism and your knowing which were our physical and emotional needs all the time. We feel that your presence was a key element for us to experience intensely our daughter’s delivery, from which we keep a dear memory. Thank you Imma for taking care of us all the time with so much love and respect, with all your details. We feel that we still have you very present and we will keep you in little corner of our heart. Many thanks for everything.”

Montse Camps and Oriol Saula
Parents of Ot and

Ona, born 01/01/12



"A million thank-yous... Still wouldn't be enough... I'm never usually at a loss for words, Imma, but I don't know where to begin. I am so thankful that we found you, that you believed in me, that Eesha had someone so loving and encouraging to help her find her way into this world and that you stood beside me during the darkest days I have ever faced. You have been more than a midwife to me and I consider your presence during the birth of my daughter, and more generally within my life, as a real blessing. Thank you.”


Sasha Douglas

Mother of Eesha, born 12/01/12


"Having Imma as a midwife has been a once-in-a-lifetime gift. She is great at her job: always helpful and willing to answer my questions. Her pre-natal visits gave me a great feeling of security. During the delivery, she had the gift of saying just the right words to help in the process and she had the resources to make the birth of my son so much easier. I was able to give birth to my son just as I had dreamed of, in the company of my family, feeling cared for and respected. Living this important moment with her made her a part of our family too."
Esperança Urdeix
Mother of Jasper, Nanuk
and Boris, born 



"Imma is a respectful and professional midwife: she is direct, honest and has a great sense of humor. She is very loving and shows a deep understanding of the transformation that takes place during childbirth and motherhood.
Working with Imma, I really felt safe and cared for. This allowed me to do my very best, without underlying concerns or worries.
Every woman deserves a midwife like Imma."

Cara Turner
Mother of Aisha, born 05/11/11


"When Imma was at my side, I completely relaxed. Her discreet but constant presence, her hands, always placed in just the right place to relieve the intensity of the contraction, her respect when monitoring my vital signs and listening to my little one, her intuition ... she knew what I was about to say so many times, so I didn't need to waste my breath... allowing me to concentrate, to feel the contractions and feel how my little girl was coming down inside me. Imma was the best help and company I could have asked for.
After the birth, she did everything we needed, unhurriedly and with great delicacy, and did not leave until she had made sure that the two of us were perfectly fine.
The following visits have been helpful. It has been difficult, but Imma has always given us a quick response and every kind of support.
It was a magical, intense experience; thanks to Imma's presence I could enjoy it calmly and confidently."

Marta Grau
Mother of Ona, born 03/11/11