per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence
         per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence    

                        Parentcraft: support and advice on childbirth and parenthood                                               ON-LINE LIFE CLASSE   Starting  May 7th, 2020 from 18:00 to 20:00h

Space to prepare the birth physically and emotionally, get information about different childbirth and parenting optinos, to prepare for changes and to share concerns. We will approach motherhood as a growth opportunity to rediscover the body, breastfeeding and nurturing, and to live full physical, emotional, mental and couple changes.


8 sessions 2hours long

You can come alone or with your partner

You should have a comfortable space to do some light body work and wear comfortable cloths

Please have water at hand and something to take notes



LIFE CLASSES ON-LINE so you can ask questions in an interactive group!!! 



Objetives/ Methodology


The purpose of these sessions is to increase awareness of one's own body and knowledge of the motherhood / paternity reality, both during birth and in childhood. This allows us to gain the needed confidence  to make responsible and informed decisions, knowing our rights and those of our children.


In each session there will be a theoretical part, a practical bodywork part and a space to put doubts and concerna in common. 


We ensure that over 2 months the following topics are covered:



-pregnancy and childbirth professionals: who are they, whats their rol, which one to chose?

-pregnancy tests: which ones are obliged, what are they for, what do they mean for me and my baby?

-changes we can expect


-more common problems: more efficient solutions

-life style, diet and exercise


El Pre-labour, from week 37….

-what changes to expect

-emotions: the nest, the couple, the family and the friends
-physiological needs to prepare optimal delivery
-getting everything ready for birth and postpartum 



-childbirth physiology 

-the basic needs of women in labour
-the baby's basic needs during labour

-physiological birth

-medicalised birth
-different types of childbirth: options in Catalonia, more common practices and less common practices
-what each type of delivery means to the mother
-what each type of delivery means to the baby
-what is a birth plan, how to write one, what is it for and where to present it
-rights and duties of health services users


The couple:  role in childbirth and postpartum
-changes in the couple: finding the balance, needs and listening
-the role of the father: in childbirth and postpartum
- the role of the mother: in childbirth and postpartum
- And the siblings?
- ... and the rest of the family? ...


Postpartum, Lactation and Upbringing 

-necesidades de la madre-bebé en el posparto

-aspectos básicos para un posparto feliz: la soledad, el cansancio y la dependencia

-donde encontrar ayuda en el posparto: ¿quién puede hacer qué?

-aspectos básicos para el éxito de la lactancia satisfactoria y placentera

-los grupos de lactancia, los grupos de crianza

-la salud de los hijos: el papel del pediatra, la comadrona y los padres


Postpartum, Lactation and Upbringing
-Mother-Baby needs in postpartum
-basics for a happy postpartum: loneliness, fatigue and dependence
-where to find help in the postpartum: who can do what?
-basics for a successful and pleasurable breastfeeding
-lactation support groups, parenting groups
-children's health: the role of pediatrician, midwife and parents


Body Work

-relajación: respiración consciente, el contacto con el bebé

-reconocimiento de la pelvis: cuna y contención, equilibrio y estabilidad, libertad y camino

-movilidad de la pelvis: relación pelvis / columna vertebral, flexibilización y tonificación

-movilidad en el parto

-el parto mamífero: el instinto y el trabajo de dos personas

-ejercicios específicos de:

    -flexibilización y tonificación pélvica

    -flexibilización y tonificación vertebral

-técnicas básicas de alivio del dolor a través del contacto

-el periné: identidad, contención e intimidad, sensibilización, flexibilización, tonificación y protección

-la respiración como herramienta de relajación

- la respiración como herramienta de conexión con el bebé

-la respiración como analgesia

-la voz y el sonido como analgesia

-flexibilización de diafragma y otros músculos respiratorios

-movilización desde el útero: la potencia uterina

-relaxation: conscious breathing, contact with the baby
-recognition of the pelvis: cradle and contention, balance and stability, freedom and path
-mobility of the pelvis: relation pelvis / spine, flexibilization and toning
-mobility during childbirth
-the mammalian birth: the instinct and the work of two people
-specific exercises for:
     -flexibilization and toning of the pelvis
     -flexification and toning of the spine
- basic techniques of pain relief through contact
-the perineum: identity, containment and intimacy, sensitization, flexibilization, toning and protection
- breathing as a relaxation tool
- breathing as a connecting tool with the baby
- breathing as analgesia
-the voice and sound as analgesia
-flexibilization of diaphragm and other respiratory muscles
-mobility from the uterus: uterine potency



You can join the group whenever you want during pregnancy
You can come with or without your partner
It is necessary to bring comfortable clothing
It is interesting to bring water to hydrate yourself




"It has been a very enriching course. An alternative to the typical parent’s craft course. Much closer to people and more personalized. Taught by a great professional with a full spirit of experiences and knowledge. A close and resolute person who is worth listening. A cosy place to get to know about the process of pregnancy and childbirth, to understand and live without fear and with the freedom and security that reveals what can be expected. Thanks to DeTela and Imma for organizing a course like that. Highly recommended "



"Thanks to this course I feel that I have all the necessary information to live the adventure of motherhood with full awareness and knowledge. Imma is a wise, rigorous, professional and always willing to accompany you by solving doubts. And the girls in the store are a charm. The atmosphere is familiar and perfect for tribe! Super recommendable !!! "





Starting May 7th, 2020


Day and time: thursday from 18:00 to 20:00h

8 sessions 2 hours long

Price: 120€ 




More information:

tel. 680243431