per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence
         per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence    

Imma Sàrries

I am a midwife. I studied for my specialisation in the UK, where I was awarded First Class Honours. Then I was chosen among 120 midwives from the hospital where I worked, the Royal Berkshire Hospital, to be part of the12 midwives founding team to run the new Hospital’s Birth Centre.


I have a daughter who was born at home in 2003 and who breastfed for 4 years by mutual desire, and a son, born at home in 2012 still breastfeeding.

I currently live in Barcelona where I work as independent midwife, offering the following services:

-Support and monitoring of pregnancy
-Preparation for Childbirth 
-Home-Birth Assistance
-Labour Care (for women who wish to give birth at hospital)
-Support during the postpartum period
-Breastfeeding Support Group 
-Shiatsu for Motherhood
-External Version for breech presentation with non-invasive methods


Throughout this website, all the references mentioned will give you the chance to see that the way I work is meticulously based on scientific evidence.

The main reason why I became a midwife was to promote and provide care for normal births (International Confederation of Midwives, 2005).  I love my job and I always try to implement a salutogenic approach to birth (Plested, 2014; Downe and McCourt, 2008), caring for each birth within its unique normality.



Before graduating as a midwife, I graduated in Barcelona as a nurse at the EUIFN, BlanquernaUniversity where I got 13 ​​honour grades.

I am Breastfeeding Advisor.

I am a Zen Shiatsu therapist specialised in maternity.

I was Mare Doula during 12 years.

I speak and write Catalan, Spanish and English, and I have a good level of spoken German and French.