per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence
         per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence    

Imma Sàrries: Midwife

I am a midwife. I studied for my specialisation in the UK, where I was awarded First Class Honours. Then I was chosen among 120 midwives from the hospital where I worked, the Royal Berkshire Hospital, to be part of the12 midwives founding team to run the new Hospital’s Birth Centre.


I have a daughter who was born at home in 2003 who breastfed for 4 years by mutual desire; and a son who was born at home in 2012 who breastfed for 5 years by mutual desire.


Before graduating as a midwife, I graduated in Barcelona as a nurse at the EUIFN, Blanquerna University where I got 13 ​​honour grades.

I am a  Breastfeeding Advisor.

I was a Doula for over 12 years.
I am a Zen Shiatsu therapist specialised in maternity.

I speak and write Catalan, Spanish and English, and I have a basic level of spoken German and French.



I currently live in Barcelona where I work as independent midwife, offering the following services:

-Support and monitoring of pregnancy
-Preparation for Childbirth and Motherhood 
-Labour Care (for women who wish to give birth at hospital)
-Support during the postpartum period
-Breastfeeding Support 
-Shiatsu for Motherhood
-External Version for breech presentation with non-invasive methods


Throughout this website, all the references mentioned will give you the chance to see that the way I work is meticulously based on scientific evidence.

The main reason why I became a midwife was to promote and provide care for normal births (International Confederation of Midwives, 2017).  I love my job and I always try to implement a salutogenic approach to birth (Plested, 2014; Downe and McCourt, 2008), caring for each birth within its unique normality.


The most suitable professionals to accompany pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are midwives. Then in some cases women also need the support of other professionals: psychologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, osteopaths, obstetricians, neonatologists or other specialists in different aspects of health.


Much scientific evidence shows us that women’s satisfaction is greater with  midwife care, especially if there is continuity of care (Mortensen et al, 2019; Symon et al, 2019), there is also more perception of control and freedom of decision, and generally fewer medical interventions and better maternal and perinatal outcomes (Declercq et al, 2019; Wiegerinck et al, 2019). Women are much less likely to request (or be offered) regional analgesia, less likely to have an instrumented birth or cesarean section, less likely to have an episiotomy, and more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and successful breastfeeding (Forster et al, 2016; Sandall et al, 2016; Lida et al, 2014; Hodnett et al, 2013; Birthplace in England Collaborative Group, 2011; Hollowell, et al, 2011; Edwards, 2009; Janssen et al, 2009; Healthcare Commission, 2008; Maassen, 2008; RCM, 2007).


So: let a midwife take care of you! You will have better results and more satisfaction. It will be a pleasure to take care of you!!