per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence
         per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence    


My main goal is to work alongside women and their partners, supporting them to have a safe and positive childbirth experience (Midwifery 2020, 2010; Maternity Care Working Party (MCWP), 2007), respecting their autonomy to take decisions (Ministerio de la presidencia, 2015; Page, 2008), as active members of the birth team (Thompson, 2010, Porter et al, 2007), recognizing their values ​​and beliefs in order to meet their goals and needs (Jones, 2005) and increase their satisfaction. This means helping women to take responsability for their own well-being and their own decisions (Brodrick, 2014; Dahlberg and Aune, 2013; Howarth et al, 2011) giving proven, accurate and varied information (Larsson et al, 2019; Sandall  et al, 2016; Davison et al, 2015; Miller and Skinner, 2012; McCourt, 2006)..This also involves understanding childbirth physiology thoroughly to recognise complications and avoid over-diagnosis (Mead, 2008; Bromley, 2007).


As a midwife, I focus most of my work on taking care of every childbearing woman’s basic needs during labour and birth, protecting her environment in order to promote  the endogenous production of oxytocin and the correct hormonal balance of birth. I am aware of the power influence that I can exert during the childbirth, adapting the environment to avoid fear and promote security and warmth (Larsson et al, 2019; Dencker et al, 2018; Patterson, 2016; Dahlberg and Aune, 2013; Hammond et al, 2013; Leap et al, 2010; Paradice, 2002; Anderson, 2000) and I strive to help the mother to regain HER Birth Territory: a safe environment, with undisturbed physiology under the woman’s power (Fahy, 2008). An intimate environment to allow women feel safer and more comfortable (Vargens et al, 2013).


I am also aware of the potential analgesic properties of being with the woman (Larsson et al, 2019; Bohren et al, 2017;  Sydsjö et al, 2015; Iliadou, 2012; Paradice, 2002) and work to enhance them, through continuous one-to-one care, creating an ongoing relationship of mutual trust, to reduce stress to mother and foetus ((Larsson et al, 2019; Perriman et al, 2018; Dencker et al, 2018; Foureur, 2008; Kightley, 2007; Dick-Read, 2004; Edwards, 2000) and reducing the need for medical interventions (Bohren et al, 2017; Hutton et al, 2016; Wiegerinck et al, 2015; Cheyney et al, 2014; Lida et al, 2014; Offerhaus et al, 2014).



What do I offer as a birth professional?

I offer two different services: