per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence
         per naixements sense violència / por nacimientos sin violencia/ for childbirth without violence    

Breech Presentation and Emotions

My experience has taught me that apart from some physical predispositions, breech presentations are often a intrauterine protective position adopted by some babies when they perceive the maternal environment as somewhat dangerous and uncomfortable. The head is very vulnerable, the skull protects the most precious part of the highly developed human body after thousands of years of evolution, and it is an instinct to protect it against danger. In fact, scared children in dangerous situations take a protective full breech-like position, with their heads hidden under their arms and between their knees. We all protect our head in dangerous conditions.


Even doing everything in our power to try to turn babies around, they do not always easily go into the head down position. Sometimes, babies who had turned spontaneously reverted back to breech. I noticed over time that some babies only turned head down when their mothers stopped working or resolved a stressful situation in their environment. Some women had mixed feelings about the way their partners reacted and related to them during pregnancy, or about other important factors concerning their lives.


Often, simply allowing a woman to express her feelings allows her to find solutions to some issues. I noticed that very often, the babies of women who eventually began to pay enough attention to their child turned around spontaneously without any help.

The influences of the prenatal environment on the endocrine function and therefore the placental function are proven by the maternal responses to stress, leading to hormonal reactions.